Nelson Region is New Zealands fastest growing…

Feb 12th, 2012

Part 1

Just have to share this first……

On the 30th Anniversary of the Speights Coast to Coast Nelsonians Richard & Elina Ussher have made history, by making it a winning double.

Well done, and congratulations for the massive effort & training that this achievement must have required.

In that he, Richard, won the mens competition, and she, Elina, won the womens, and in passing……both by comfortable margin.

Part 2

In a thread that is probably getting “old hat” to regular readers here, we are still seeing out of towners arriving, that have a totally misplaced idea/perception of the values of Nelson property.

There seems to be a perception that if a buyer comes from a larger city, then of course Nelson being a smaller town, the prices will be less.

ATT: All Out Of Town new Buyers to Nelson…..

I’m here to help you in your search, but first……


Heres something you really should read. For a readable version click HERE.

Is this because Nelson has the cheapest housing prices in New Zealand?

Now, cast your mind back to what the basic theories from school were regarding the concept of “supply and demand.” There’s your answer.

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