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Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Nelson….

Feb 01, 2012 (UPDATED 20:35hrs 3rd FEB 2012 – see below)

Queensland Agents, so say the recent reports in the Brisbane Courier Mail by David Koch, are suggesting his story as “half koched”….

Much todo across the ditch in the last week with Australian financial adviser and breakfast TV presenter, David Koch….

…..finding himself at loggerheads with many Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Real Estate Agents.

And yes, there is certainly some relevance this side of the ditch.

We see Kiwis selling up, sometimes their lifetime savings, and making a move across the Tasman. Many times its baby boomers, moving to the sun….hmmm that sounds familiar?

Surprisingly, something that they also do in NZ.

And we all know where they are heading in NZ if its sunshine they want, don’t we?

So what could they possibly be so upset at?

Seems these charts are telling a story…..whose interpretation, Kochies its seems, that they don’t agree with.

Well, here’s the charts….

Gold Coast - Residential

Gold Coast

Sunshine Coast - Residential

Sunshine Coast

Nelson City - Residential

…..oh and a quick little one I knocked up regarding Nelson, over the same period the earlier charts cover.

For the above Nelson chart, blue represents the median $ price, and the grey bars display the units (“count”) sold per period.


Want to make up your own mind up?

One really noticeable item is the volume figures, and its interesting to note that in Nelsons case, we literally finish off where we started off, something that can’t be said for our friends across the ditch.

Head on over to the article itself right here.

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UPDATE Friday 3rd Feb 2012

Man give those Ozzies an inch and….things appear to really be heating up in different Gold Coast quarters.

How much? 41 responses / comments in 24hrs wise.