Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

Can pink sheep sell a property?

Every country it seems to have something in abundance.

Here in New Zealand, one of those abundant things is sheep.

After all there are 40,000,000 of them living here down under on this side of the Tasman….

…..and even those amongst us, sometimes tire of looking out in the paddocks at just the plain white variety.

So to liven it up a bit,  in an event that has captured world wide attention,

…..and as you can see here, Sheepworld NZ have decided to dye (eco & animal friendly vege dye that is) some of their flock, pink.


but to use them, (as I did mention a few months back)

pink sheep that is,

to help sell real estate,

well look at these photos,

and you tell me?

I think the story with the photos must have originally been some landlords way of attracting attention to their rental property.

However that idea seems to have passed….

and now the property is being actively marketed by two different agencies,

and both are utilizing these same photos with our little “pink” friend in there.

Click on the photos above to be taken to the listings (at least while they are still active) and you’ll see all the photos.

It certainly may bring attention, it doesn’t appear to have made the landlord land a tenant, but a sale?

UPDATE – the cute “ooh aa” photo is here  ….. and yes folks that really is the Rugby World Cup that you see there.