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December 2011 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

Jan 14th, 2012 – UPDATED 11am 18th JAN 2012

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand should


release the official figures any day now. Here’s a preliminary glance at how Nelson fared.


Wednesday 18th Jan 2012, the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand officially released the sales figures for December 2011.

CREDIT - Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ)

The main part of their statement was that December 2011 displayed a “Strong Finish For Real Estate Sales.”

They mentioned that Nelson was one of seven regions that recorded their strongest December since 2007.

Here’s the official release regarding the Nelson / Marlborough area.

Sales volume in the Nelson/Marlborough region were 28.3% higher than December 2010, and eased back after increases in October and November. All parts of the region saw increased sales volume compared to December 2010.
The median price across the region rose modestly by $1,500 compared to November and by $4,500 compared to December 2010, with the only drop in prices coming in Nelson City.
The number of days to sell for Nelson/Marlborough improved by one day to 37 days in December, compared to 38 days in November, and improved by five days compared to December 2010.

All in all an increase on last year, but still pretty much a steady as she goes, albeit with a few more blips than usual.