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Nelson Real Estate in the news January 2012

Stories, and there’s been a few, that made the news regarding Nelson real estate in the region over the last week…..

The Nelson Mail - 16/01/2012

Nelson Mail says Properties among least affordable – 16/01/2012

The Nelson Mail - 13/01/2012

…then just for the mix, the Nelson Mail reports City Property Values rise – 13/01/2012

…..but we also learnt of how you could buy a property in Nelson, how it is possible to get on to that “first rung on the ladder”

The Nelson Mail - 14/01/2012

with a Nelson Mail Saturday feature article entitled On the first rung.

If you’re looking to rent a property in some parts of the South Island, then you already know about these headlines.

The Weekend Press - Christchurch 14/01/2012

Perhaps these headlines are why “round the table” at this mornings weekly sales meeting, all agents were reporting a noticeable increase in investment buyers/ activity on investment properties this past week, especially over the weekend at Open Homes.

The Press Christchurch 16/01/2012

…..and while other South Island regions are reporting dwindling supplies of rental product

The Nelson Mail 13/01/2012

it would seem that rental ripple has reached Nelson now too….

And just perhaps, this explains one of the main reasons why everyone wants to live here…….

The Nelson Mail - 14/01/2012

is it because we have the Hat Back?

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