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2011 Sunshine Captial of New Zealand is

Jan 2nd, 2012

According to data complied by the NIWA Cliflo database (which you can check yourself here) the results are in (well accept for the 31st Dec from Blenheim that is)

Yes, we had a curved ball thrown at us towards the end there and its probably the only reason we didn’t hit 2500 annual hrs of sunshine.

And here are the figures…..

DATA - http://cliflo.niwa.co.nz

When I get a moment in the next few days I’ll also update on the annual temperatures for the year that was 2011 in Nelson.

Eagle eyed browsers amongst you will note, after  a cursory glance at the above figures, that there is just a tad over 107hrs difference between Nelson and the next place down last years winner.

I’ve attempted to illustrate that difference with the above graphic.

The above figure illustrates the amount of extra sunshine that Nelson did get per day (on average), each & every day in 2011, here in the Top of the South, more than any other town or city last years winner, Whakatane.

UPDATE – Jan 3rd 2012

Nelson Mail Jan 3rd 2012

The local paper the Nelson Mail proclaims our winning status on its front page tonight.

Honourable mention should also go to Tekapo coming in, according to the Nelson Mail tonight, at 2463hrs, just 24hrs behind Nelsons total. This would place Tekapo in 2nd place on the top chart.

DATA – http://cliflo.niwa.co.nz