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Can pink sheep sell a property?

Every country it seems to have something in abundance.

Here in New Zealand, one of those abundant things is sheep.

After all there are 40,000,000 of them living here down under on this side of the Tasman….

…..and even those amongst us, sometimes tire of looking out in the paddocks at just the plain white variety.

So to liven it up a bit,  in an event that has captured world wide attention,

…..and as you can see here, Sheepworld NZ have decided to dye (eco & animal friendly vege dye that is) some of their flock, pink.


but to use them, (as I did mention a few months back)

pink sheep that is,

to help sell real estate,

well look at these photos,

and you tell me?

I think the story with the photos must have originally been some landlords way of attracting attention to their rental property.

However that idea seems to have passed….

and now the property is being actively marketed by two different agencies,

and both are utilizing these same photos with our little “pink” friend in there.

Click on the photos above to be taken to the listings (at least while they are still active) and you’ll see all the photos.

It certainly may bring attention, it doesn’t appear to have made the landlord land a tenant, but a sale?

UPDATE – the cute “ooh aa” photo is here  ….. and yes folks that really is the Rugby World Cup that you see there.

December 2011 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

Jan 14th, 2012 – UPDATED 11am 18th JAN 2012

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand should


release the official figures any day now. Here’s a preliminary glance at how Nelson fared.


Wednesday 18th Jan 2012, the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand officially released the sales figures for December 2011.

CREDIT - Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ)

The main part of their statement was that December 2011 displayed a “Strong Finish For Real Estate Sales.”

They mentioned that Nelson was one of seven regions that recorded their strongest December since 2007.

Here’s the official release regarding the Nelson / Marlborough area.

Sales volume in the Nelson/Marlborough region were 28.3% higher than December 2010, and eased back after increases in October and November. All parts of the region saw increased sales volume compared to December 2010.
The median price across the region rose modestly by $1,500 compared to November and by $4,500 compared to December 2010, with the only drop in prices coming in Nelson City.
The number of days to sell for Nelson/Marlborough improved by one day to 37 days in December, compared to 38 days in November, and improved by five days compared to December 2010.

All in all an increase on last year, but still pretty much a steady as she goes, albeit with a few more blips than usual.


Nelson Real Estate in the news January 2012

Stories, and there’s been a few, that made the news regarding Nelson real estate in the region over the last week…..

The Nelson Mail - 16/01/2012

Nelson Mail says Properties among least affordable – 16/01/2012

The Nelson Mail - 13/01/2012

…then just for the mix, the Nelson Mail reports City Property Values rise – 13/01/2012

…..but we also learnt of how you could buy a property in Nelson, how it is possible to get on to that “first rung on the ladder”

The Nelson Mail - 14/01/2012

with a Nelson Mail Saturday feature article entitled On the first rung.

If you’re looking to rent a property in some parts of the South Island, then you already know about these headlines.

The Weekend Press - Christchurch 14/01/2012

Perhaps these headlines are why “round the table” at this mornings weekly sales meeting, all agents were reporting a noticeable increase in investment buyers/ activity on investment properties this past week, especially over the weekend at Open Homes.

The Press Christchurch 16/01/2012

…..and while other South Island regions are reporting dwindling supplies of rental product

The Nelson Mail 13/01/2012

it would seem that rental ripple has reached Nelson now too….

And just perhaps, this explains one of the main reasons why everyone wants to live here…….

The Nelson Mail - 14/01/2012

is it because we have the Hat Back?

Click on individual photos for full stories mentioned.

A tale of two opposites…

Jan 11th, 2012

Living at the bottom of the world, helps define a New Zealanders individual character.

In the same week that a small country in the vast Southern Pacific Ocean is recognised for its impact,  albeit an aviation themed one, comes other items to remind us that we’re “down under.”

Boeings’ Paine Field is counting down the days until Air New Zealands absolute latest -300 ER airframe departs one of their extra long runways, and breaks yet another world record.

I hear on the TV News (which I tend to watch about once or twice a fortnight due to its incredibly positive effect on me) that Air NZ’s most recent delivery will take place next week.

Back in Black I think the saying is.

That world record is for the biggest aircraft in the world that’s been painted “black”…..and why is that so cool you ask? Let’s just say ……an almost completely black 777, it definitely qualifies as up there as a real  “big thing.”

Flightline Uk report;

By far the largest paint job being undertaken will be for a new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft due to be delivered in January 2012. The Boeing is the longest plane in the Air NZ fleet and it is believed the All Blacks-branded version will be the largest all-black painted aircraft in the world.



…see here…. “hail” those “All-Blacks” because that’s exactly the no. 1 reason why this 777 is painted so. If that photo above isn’t clear enough for you – please click here for the full version. (tell me if you’re honest with yourself, isn’t that just great!) More Airline Reporter photos here.

I thought it was initialed scheduled for a Feb 2012 delivery….but hey am happy to be corrected.

Hopefully someone from Air NZ will read this and update me…..because it was only “perchance” that I happened to spot the last “black A320” pre RWC2011 arrive, via a timely online feed.

But…….the down side to my tale tonight……

Here I was today…..for a break at lunch deciding to pop down to the wharf to see if I could somehow / somewhere get a pic of the Russian ship that pulled in a few days ago for repairs.

...happy to be in Nelson I'm sure.....

You’d have to have been sleeping under a rock in the last 2~3 wks if you weren’t aware of its plight (at that time) of the mariners on this ship as she was totally trapped in the Ross Sea with a gash in her hull….something to do with meeting an iceberg in a less than “dinner party” type of way.

Accountability uppermost in the authorities mindset, we set forth to rescue these poor folk. With some NZAF drops on the ice-flow adjacent their location for good measure.

The “mass” that is the Great Southern Ocean below NZ & Australia, she’s a big, cold, windy, wet, ….very inhospitable place to be.

Discovery Channels “Deadliest Catch” folks in Alaska can be 300 – 400kms away from a Port? These guys…2500 -3000+ km away.

A thing called the “timeframe” has just a bit more importance when this distance is taken into account.

Unfortunately again – today it’s been brought home yet again with the Jung Woo 2, but when you’re, as the Washington Post reports tonight,  370 miles (595 kilometers) north of the U.S. McMurdo Station Antarctic base….well….you’re a long way away. My thoughts go to those brave mariners & their families who are really only there to help me and you enjoy the oceans bounty.

Quoting a source…..

Their ship continued to burn Wednesday and appeared to be sinking, said Mike Roberts, the senior search and rescue officer with the Rescue Coordination Centre of New Zealand.

On this occasion, it really was one where “time” really was of an incredibly crucial importance….& that importance I am talking about is of mariners succumbing to “burns.”

Sadly with 3 missing already out of 40 crew in this “survival suit required” environment…….this working Korean fishing trawler is experiencing all that they “don’t want too.”

The folks that go to the aid of mariners needing aid down here….and many Kiwis & Aussies do so….many times they themselves risk their own safety too.

So about now, I hear you’re asking the relevance of this to Real Estate?

Ok………here’s a brief “synopsis” of it.

Nelson is the biggest fishing port in Australasia, and you really don’t have to go far to bump into someone, as a local just walking down the main street anytime of the day, to find an associated or effected person, be it school friends of mine from 30 yrs ago who find themselves months apart from their partners bringing up  a family……to others that have simply moved here from other parts of the world to “make some money”….fishing is not far from the mind of 90 percent of the minds of males in Nelson.

UPDATE 12-01-2012

And here she is arriving home…..

to Auckland International Airport on Thursday NZ time.