Does your home pass the “baby test?”

Do you have a property to market that is being pitched to first home buyers,

…or those starting out in partnership, with or without a youngster?

Ponder this question …….imagine if you will for a moment, that you are the potential proud parents of a little one, then mull over this……

Would you place your little package of joy on this floor to crawl around this kitchen, lounge, etc to their hearts content?

If you as a seller thinks, just for a moment, that the Open Home the buyer will be visiting doesn’t make you answer in the affirmative here, then you promptly need to remedy the situation…..very promptly.

1] ensure that any photographs taken and used in advertising, especially that number 16, 17 & 18 out of the 20 online, have been taken once the floors have been completely cleaned and de-cluttered

2] prior to any agent inspection, viewing appointment or open home, that everything is as pointed out in no. 2 above.

For examples of “how not to photograph…” check out my earlier REFs CHOICE series here.

Just in case you haven’t clicked on to the importance of the first home buyers in the current market then I suggest you read the following articles published earlier this month in mainstream New Zealand media.

More first-home buyers in the market – BNZ/REINZ – National Business Review Dec 7th, 2011

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