Nelson Spring Stability Showing Starting Signs of Slippage

Theory has it that every year spring is the time to bring your property to the market.

And each year figures are presented to show that the number of homes sold over the 12 calendar months of each year are pretty static, and sellers stand just as much of a chance of selling in May or January as compared to September. A lot of the time, it comes down to competition.

So it follows that if this is the right time of year, then 4 – 6 or maybe 8 weeks (those are the most common “time til possession” periods I see) later the figures should reflect settlements on many of these.

In this instance I’m talking about a few months down the track, around the November time-frame.  So the November metric from QV is always of assistance for “trend watchers.”

I’ve talked all year about the stability of home prices in Nelson, but I’m starting to glimpses of movement like QV’s (via Trademe Property) just published chart covering Nov 2011 is reflecting.