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October 2011 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

Nov 15th, 2011

Seems to have been an upturn in the figures out last Friday. Nelson got mentioned this way…

Firstly about sales volume…..

Only four markets showed an increase in sales volumes during October, with Taranaki, Wellington, Nelson/Marlborough and Southland all reporting increases.

…and secondly in regards to a lift in prices……(the important note here was that the lift was compared historically to Oct last year…making it more relevant than just last month or the month before)

Compared to October 2010, Southland also recorded the strongest lift in prices (+20.4%), followed by Central Otago Lakes (+9.1%) and Nelson/Marlborough (+7.3%).

So again a stable month I’d say…but interestingly enough the DOM (days on market) stat certainly seems to also have, overall, come down.


…click on the above chart to see the “readable version.”

My take on the data for Oct is displayed above…you don’t have look too much further than the breakdown on the chart of Days to Sell to tell you a story. The situation with 5 beds and above was very tainted this month with some high end “reported sales” and that meant that the median in that category was $1,112,500. (My spreadsheet didn’t like that figure?)

However, in spite of the lack of investor buyers, its patently obvious to see from the sales of 3 bedders (orange bar on chart) above, the family buyer has finally realized we are living in the best home buying times of the last 10 years. Sort of follows on from my post a few days ago really.

Mirroring the situation reported by the Department regarding consents, & justified confidence in…..sections sales registered a pitiful 4 in total.

Its also curious to note that North Island regional property (that is – other than Auckland or Wellington) have…..according to REINZ stats last Friday fallen in real terms by 9.7% from the “peak”, whilst South Island regional (keeping in mind this includes a place called Christchurch) was reported, also last Friday by REINZ, as falling by only 3.6 %.

Can I forward, that for once in the past few years, us Mainlanders, have a “documented something” to smile about?

DATA SOURCE – Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (website

QV NZ just reported Oct 2011 Nelson region stats….

Nov 10, 2011

…and you know what….the trend continues.

Me….”well…..I’m not surprised” (and I guess regular readers expected me to say that…but the facts say so…not just me)


Although we see some ups and downs. specifically a bit of a rise on the coast there, it shouldn’t be forgotten by property buyers that, that result needs to be placed in context, by volume of sales. Nelson…well the term “stable” comes to mind yet again.

Never more so than yesterday, I was reminded more than ever, why…. we choose to live in this small part of the global village.

And today….again Thursday 10th Nov….another two groups of buyers out in the car….can’t say more than that it re-inforced that exact sentiment again.

SOURCE – (Quotable Value NZ are also the folks that assemble Nelsons CV values each year….so its definitely to be expected that they have their finger on the pulse)


A lift in spring sales –

Property values rising across most of New Zealand – (this is a calendar related URL)

Main Urban Areas Oct 2011 Update – Quotable Value – New Zealand



Help others too…

Nov 10th, 2011

This may at first seem like such an over-used phrase….but when you think about it……

… folk that have been in the position of real estate marketers for many years….well they have “exactly that” mantra in mind all the time.


The why is because real estate in New Zealand is, contrary to many themes / thoughts ….still a people business.

That means your heart still has to be in the right place…and “helping people” must be right up there at the absolute top. If you don’t feel so inclined, then perhaps you need a change of vocation.

I get no greater happiness each month that when I check out the “missions.”

If you’d like to check out the incredibly valuable missions that as principal sponsor, Summit encourage, then you can actually follow them in real time right here…and see just exactly what they do day to day.

If we have a problem locally….its often the reality that we are surrounded by some of New Zealand’s most fascinating National Parks…something that does not discourage visitors. People being what they are……..well lets just say, a rescue chopper is very very handy?

As you can see from the pie chart above, its not just Nelson that benefits.

That really is gratifying.

NOTE – as the helicopter pilots tell me…if you are going to venture out into the Parks….at the very least have a light source (& backup power like solar / battery / whatever could be a life saver)

The new US sourced “military grade” night vision goggles that the pilots now use at night, they are fantastic, but to action a very quick rescue – they do need a light source…like a torch.

Surprisingly enough the best light source this year has been from something like a mobile phone.  Once turned on, the output from the screen is enough to trigger activation in the night vision goggles from kilometres out, and real rescues have been performed because of just that exact light source!

I could imagine even an Ipod would do the same – so definitely take your music with you too!




If I live there, then how long…


…will it take me to get to here, a school, neighbourhood sports centre, etc.

These are the types of questions that property buyers ask NZ real estate agents each and every day.

So you really would like a lifestyle property but wonder about the distances (probably more the traveling time, frankly) to both kids schools, and the sports centre, and the equestrian arena.


click for higher resolution version

Wouldn’t it be handy to know?

Yes, now you can thanks to Hootroot. I’ve just tried it out on many NZ and Aussie locations, and its pretty accurate and informative re traveling times too.

Head on over to and give it a try.