Exciting times down south….

Nov 24th, 2011


Well on account of the fact that southern residents between Christchurch & Dunedin will hopefully receive an envelope in the mail from the Timaru District Council by weeks end, detailing their latest CV.

Obviously you too can see from the above QV chart ( I’ve taken the liberty to highlight parts) they’re not the only ones due some important notification.

Timaru is kind of dear to my heart, and yes in case you are asking there is a good reason. As a Mainlander, I was born down there.

David, what has this to do with the Nelson region I hear you ask?

Well… just check the chart above and you’ll quite quickly notice that the last line on the above Quotable Value chart does indeed have a heck of a lot to do with my region, some would say 50% to do with it.  Any which way, locally…..well we’ll know in a week or two those amongst us who feel justified…or otherwise.

Check out Quotable Value NZ’s Property Map above covering October 2011, just published by www.trademe.co.nz above. Do you notice a NZ Regional zone that happens to have the most stable housing prices, one which aligns itself the closest with the New Zealand median?

(hint – look on the left-hand side about mid way down)