QV NZ just reported Oct 2011 Nelson region stats….

Nov 10, 2011

…and you know what….the trend continues.

Me….”well…..I’m not surprised” (and I guess regular readers expected me to say that…but the facts say so…not just me)

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Although we see some ups and downs. specifically a bit of a rise on the coast there, it shouldn’t be forgotten by property buyers that, that result needs to be placed in context, by volume of sales. Nelson…well the term “stable” comes to mind yet again.

Never more so than yesterday, I was reminded more than ever, why…. we choose to live in this small part of the global village.

And today….again Thursday 10th Nov….another two groups of buyers out in the car….can’t say more than that it re-inforced that exact sentiment again.

SOURCE – www.qv.co.nz (Quotable Value NZ are also the folks that assemble Nelsons CV values each year….so its definitely to be expected that they have their finger on the pulse)


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