Help others too…

Nov 10th, 2011

This may at first seem like such an over-used phrase….but when you think about it……

… folk that have been in the position of real estate marketers for many years….well they have “exactly that” mantra in mind all the time.


The why is because real estate in New Zealand is, contrary to many themes / thoughts ….still a people business.

That means your heart still has to be in the right place…and “helping people” must be right up there at the absolute top. If you don’t feel so inclined, then perhaps you need a change of vocation.

I get no greater happiness each month that when I check out the “missions.”

If you’d like to check out the incredibly valuable missions that as principal sponsor, Summit encourage, then you can actually follow them in real time right here…and see just exactly what they do day to day.

If we have a problem locally….its often the reality that we are surrounded by some of New Zealand’s most fascinating National Parks…something that does not discourage visitors. People being what they are……..well lets just say, a rescue chopper is very very handy?

As you can see from the pie chart above, its not just Nelson that benefits.

That really is gratifying.

NOTE – as the helicopter pilots tell me…if you are going to venture out into the Parks….at the very least have a light source (& backup power like solar / battery / whatever could be a life saver)

The new US sourced “military grade” night vision goggles that the pilots now use at night, they are fantastic, but to action a very quick rescue – they do need a light source…like a torch.

Surprisingly enough the best light source this year has been from something like a mobile phone.  Once turned on, the output from the screen is enough to trigger activation in the night vision goggles from kilometres out, and real rescues have been performed because of just that exact light source!

I could imagine even an Ipod would do the same – so definitely take your music with you too!