Guess who made National NZ TV News tonight….?

Oct 28th, 2011

Ok…. you haven’t got it quite right…..just yet, have you?

Nelson Sunset Thursday Night (via TV One News)

I’ll give you another chance….spot the name about to be spelled out in the blue box at top left of screen….

….and now finally completed in same said blue box……yup my photo did make it to tonights tv news.

So…no, as I mentioned last night on Nelson Real Estate, I wasn’t joking….even Uncle Jim noticed it…..and as I said then….at the jest of repeating myself……it t’was the most excellent sunset of the year I thought. (remembering as I said last night……”sunbeams wise”)

I checked all the direct link Nelson region webcams that I have avail to my use on this here Nelson Real Estate site, and it seems they are all orientated to pick up sunsets from May to Sept of each year in Nelson…but by October the sun is setting well and truly a bit further south and none of them seem to be able to pick it up, so be it.

There are times in life when you realise you are just really lucky to live where you do….oh….and last night was one of those.