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September 2011 Nelson Property Sales Report

October 12th 2011 (UPDATED)

The Real Estate Institute of NZ have reported on the confirmed sales for Sept 2011.

The data shows Nelson as having the fourth strongest lift in prices for the month of September, following Hawkes Bay, Auckland and Wellington.

Whilst our increase was a mild 1.9%, its still well with-in the context of  the stability I have been speaking about and reporting here over the last month.

In reporting on our region, the Real Estate Institute of NZ noted;

The shortage of listings in the region has eased with the arrival of spring, although there is still a shortage of properties for sale, and buyers remain very value focused even for the right property.

Generally its been a steady month, REINZ going on to say….

The median price across the region increased by just under 2% compared to August, but eased back 1.2% compared to September

(UPDATED with QV Data as of 19:40hrs)

Quotable Value NZ report tonight that values in “our” region (based on their inputed data – note this is factored differently than REINZ data) are up slightly…in “David Leggott terms” that’s just further evidence to cement my local “favourite” Nelson real estate term of the moment – “stability.”

Quotable Value NZ (QVNZ) Real Estate sales data covering September 2011

Quotable Value are keen to let you know your local breakdown…and frankly that’s one of reasons why you would want to subscribe to this great service that they offer…but for tonight I hope they don’t mind that I’ll share with you the contents of my today’s “subscriber email” from them.

QV NZ Sept 2011 Data for the local perspective....

If you’d like to be kept up to date with QV NZ figures on a more regular basis, can I suggest you visit their most excellent site and sign up appropriately to their very informative monthly updates.

And from a buyer / seller perspective…..well, frankly there is no better time to trade up than when prices are this stable. If you don’t know what I mean by this, then I’m just one confidential ph call away. (and because its just a phone call, it doesn’t even cost you the price of a coffee / tea & biscuit!)


Real Estate Institue of New Zealand – www.reinz.co.nz

Quotable Value NZ – www.qv.co.nz