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Nelson 2011 Tenant of the Year Competition

Oct 30th 2011

The Nelson Property Investors Association is conducting its inaugural “Tenant of the Year” competition.

Secretary of the association, Glenn Morris, indicated that an ‘‘attractive prize package’’ was on offer, $500 for 1st place and $250 for both 2nd & 3rd place. (as told to the Nelson Mail)

Its all too often that we hear about “the tenant did this and the tenant did that……”

Therefore a competition like this is a great way to thank those who indeed attempt to treat a property as if it were their own. Surely most landlords would love to have tenants that took an interest in their property.  A real “win-win.”  Actually can’t see any downside to it really.

The deadline for entries is Nov 9th 2011.

Commenting on the entries so far, Glen told the local paper, the Nelson Mail, that;

“It’s all new. People are a bit shy getting the hang of it.”

Entry forms are available from For details on the groups monthly meetings, go here.

(direct download of entry form here )



Guess who made National NZ TV News tonight….?

Oct 28th, 2011

Ok…. you haven’t got it quite right…..just yet, have you?

Nelson Sunset Thursday Night (via TV One News)

I’ll give you another chance….spot the name about to be spelled out in the blue box at top left of screen….

….and now finally completed in same said blue box……yup my photo did make it to tonights tv news.

So…no, as I mentioned last night on Nelson Real Estate, I wasn’t joking….even Uncle Jim noticed it…..and as I said then….at the jest of repeating myself……it t’was the most excellent sunset of the year I thought. (remembering as I said last night……”sunbeams wise”)

I checked all the direct link Nelson region webcams that I have avail to my use on this here Nelson Real Estate site, and it seems they are all orientated to pick up sunsets from May to Sept of each year in Nelson…but by October the sun is setting well and truly a bit further south and none of them seem to be able to pick it up, so be it.

There are times in life when you realise you are just really lucky to live where you do….oh….and last night was one of those.


NZ Sunshine Stakes update – 20-10-11

Oct 27th, 2011

In Nelson even when the sun goes away…..

… tries to put on a show!

so bright...

Tonights sunset just a few moments ago was one of the best, especially of the “sunbeams variety”, this year.

NZ's Sunshine Race continues.......

Anyway back to the topic, here’s the latest update on who’s leading the sunshine stakes for New Zealand so far in 2011.

Nelson, mid month Oct 2011 whats happening with home prices

Oct 20th, 2010

At the beginning of every month produce the NZ Property Report, and its definitely a fascinating insight for Kiwi’s into their documented second most popular observer sport.

From my perspective, and that could well be different from yours, it tracks another important delta too….that for me at least is the difference in “asking prices” for property advertised on the site.

It also tracks another important factor in a property consultants life, the “inventory days to sell.”

BNZ’s Chief numbers man, Tony Alexander, reports tonight, some agent in Nelson saying this below….(& no, in case you are wondering…..its not this agent)

Nelson, is one of a few zones in New Zealand that seems to be experiencing mixed conditions, and therefore reactions…and not just from buyers.

Mid month Trademe rolls out the stats from their site, with a good dose of QV data throw in. (QV – Quotable Value – NZ)

My latest Trademe email** seems to show the situation locally exactly as I see it too.

Trademe's October 2011 Newsletter update

If you’ve got those “eagle eyes” we all want to have, you may have deciphered that the above chart does indeed relay some pretty important additional info for property buyers in NZ.

Like usual Auckland shines, and courtesy of…..finally EQC cheques are flowing…another part of NZ factors up there too…….BUT then…….whos’s up next?

You decide?

*** you too can sign up to have this same email delivered personally by visiting here

NB: Trademes newsletter that I mention above has a generic website URL…so if you click on this many months after the current one – Oct 2011 – you’ll be taken to the latest data…..and the relevance of my post may not quite be so current – just letting you know.

CREDIT – (be aware that this this URL will be date dependant)

Why do people move to Nelson?

This here chart might be able to shed some light on that.

New Zealands 2011 Sunshine Stakes

We still have to wait another 9½ Weeks to find out if our horse wins this years sweep, but got to say, its looking promising.


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