30,000km bicycle trek to New Zealand…but then…

Sept 26th, 2010

Something happened recently that really brought this Social Media stuff into context.

Regular readers of my blog here will remember these names …..Tom and Jodi ….who have travelled for nearly 30,000kms from the old dart just to be here….just to arrive in 2011, just in time for the Rugby World Cup.

just keep on going....

 30,000kms is commitment!

On my mobile phone last week, from Picton, whilst Tom was in a rush because they had just a few minutes to board the ferry to Wellington, he mentioned that they sure are happy to finally be here…but they did have some hiccups.

Turns out after all their efforts …one of their major goals was eluding them…

Let alone some other diversions…..

To finalise their multi-country quest….they needed….well to be frank… they really required just one more very important signature on their nicely collected (I’d say “hard earned”) scroll….and lastly it was the one & only …..Richies signature….. calls/emails to his Dunedin agent …no good.

Try as they might, and with numerous involvements…they just weren’t getting through.

A friend suggested they try to ask for help on Facebook….and certainly no doubt they were aided by coverage on stuff.co.nz too.

What happened next was in their own words “remarkable.”

In double-quick time fashion, they were contacted….by….

Well you tell me if you happen to recognise the chap next to them, in the above photo signing their scroll?

And to his credit…

They should be in Palmerston North this week for the official opening of the NZ Rugby Museum. Today in fact, new Governor-General Jerry Mateparae will conduct one of his first official events, when he unveils a bronze statue of CJ (Charles) Monro, who brought the game to Nelson from England in 1870.


Tom & Jodis official site – http://www.cyclingtotherugbyworldcup.com/

NZ RugbyMuseum – http://www.rugbymuseum.co.nz/

NZ RugbyMuseum Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Zealand-Rugby-Museum/162354267150761