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August 2011 Nelson Property Sales…(UPDATE)

September 7th, 2011 (UPDATED Sep 13th)

…will show some interesting factoids.

REINZ should publish the official figures next week, but in regards to Nelson, they will show a jump in volume, and a reduction in “days to sell” albeit offset by a $5k odd figure on the overall median. The figures will certainly go part ways to explaining the plethora of SOLD banners recently being placed on For Sale signs.

NOTE – this info is based on preliminary data, so could be subject to change



This morning the Real Estate Institute of NZ officially released the sales statistics for the month of August 2011.

They noted that behind Waikato/Bay of Plenty (up 33.2% as compared to  August 2010) Nelson/Marlborough volumes were the next strongest climber, up 29.0%, then Auckland, up 27.4% rounding out the top 3.

They report specifically regarding our region’s as such…….

Nelson/Marlborough recorded the second strongest lift in volumes compared to August 2010, with strength in all markets, however, there was a slight fall compared to July with two fewer houses sold than in July.  Most of the weakness compared to July was in the Marlborough/Kaikoura area, with the  Nelson region reporting strong growth.

Prices have also firmed compared to July with a $9,000 lift in the median price compared to July, although there was a $10,000 fall in the median price compared to August 2010.

activity in Nelson definitely

The days to sell improved by five days from 47 in July to 42 in August and by 10 days compared to August 2010.

SOURCE -REINZ site ( www.reinz.co.nz )