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House Hunting, EMF and Cell Phone Radiation

August 25th, 2011

Is it possible that these three could ever be linked?

After reading this, you too might be left wondering?

Courtesy of #snowmaggeddon early last week in Christchurch, I was introduced to the “delights’ of daytime television.

...just couldn't get traction in my 2 wheel drive car - those tracks...well they're from my 4 wheel drive equipped son-in-law.....

On one of the programs, the perennial topic / debate about cell phone radiation was raised. The host had some ideas, one of which I thought wasn’t that silly, was if you knew you were going to be on a call that might last quite some minutes, at least switch the phone over from left to right ear periodically.

However one hint he mentioned re using the corded headphones was not one I remember as being pointed out in previous studies** to be beneficial, no …all it did was move the issue somewhere else ^^. Albeit some could argue that at least moving the field away from your head to your hip region is a better one overall.

Even our own Campbell Live had a go a while back too (was quite amused to see who the sponsor was at the start of this clip)

I’m not going to enter this debate, more just bringing your and your children’s attention to what is happening out there.


Ok…. on to the House Hunting part

About now…you’re probably thinking “whats this to do with house hunting.”

Well the answer will depend on your choice of locations, although the further out of town you desire to live, the more relevant this may be.

this is something you don't want to see.....

See …a simple fact of cell phone operation (read up on near and far -field plumes if you’re interested) is that the further away they are from the cell phone transmission tower, lets call it the fringe areas, then the higher power ratings the phone will be “pumping out” so that you can stay connected.

...getting better...

Vice versa if you are 50m away from said tower, the phone won’t be using as much power and you battery will last longer. So… perhaps a real issue for lifestyle block seekers who use a mobile phone frequently?

better ... but not best

Courtesy of the fact that your phone is pumping out the amps to connect at those further afield zones, shouldn’t you be aware of it? That’s especially true if you are a high use user.

this is what you want to see.

Well there is good news on this front because “there’s an app for that.” (actually there’s more than a couple)

The beauty is that this particular app is whats called a widget, and that way it just sits there on your home screen on display all the time, without you having to load up a separate app.

And don’t forget cellphone radiation (if there is any) is greatest as your phone is seeking a connection at the beginning of the call – don’t put the phone to your ear until after it has connected. On most modern smartphones you can set the device to vibrate once a call has been connected, and I find that works perfectly.

…..and now, onto the EMF part

Like the above cellphone discussion, EMF is another of those much debated subjects, but here too there’s an app for that.

Earths natural magnetic field is between 30 and 70 u Tesla (350 to 700 m Gauss). 1 u Tesla = 10 m Gauss. Outside of that….well you make your own mind up.

as easy to understand as a traffic light...

This one you have to fire up each time you want to use it, but it loads up quick. And as its so visual you can even read it outside easily enough.


Test yourself? (this pdf seems associated with a company trying to sell products I suspect)

San Fran to lead the world in demanding Radiation ratings?

Children even more at risk

Environmental Working Groups “Get a safer phone” chart / rating system (good news for Samsung Galaxy S owners)

Cellphone Radiation Detector Rejected by Apple Comes to Android

Sections ‘won’t sell’ next to cell tower


^^ – can’t find the study but it displayed thermal imaging photos depicting just as much activity in the region around a hip carrying thermal phone user, as one held to the head. In fact they argued that as it was closer to the ground the phone had to amp up its power to counter that, making it even less attractive. In fact today a lot of folk carry them in a shirt pocket 5cm away from their heart?

** – Headsets allow you to use a phone without placing it against your head, and most people attach the phone to their belt, briefcase or purse using a belt clip or other mounting device. Radiation penetrates areas such as the liver, kidneys, waist, groin and hip when using a belt clip and enters the ear canal directly from the headset. (although this is taken from here – http://www.goaegis.com/aegisguard_faqs.html it is something I have read many times before )

NOTE: Both “app” applications above are utilizing the respective cell phones internals for their measurements. They are there as a guide, and cannot replicate the precision measurements that a professional device…eg; Gaussmeter… can provide.