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Realtors on Android ~ Where is the Sun?

June 8th, 2011

“Which way is North?” is asked just about as often of an Estate Agent as is “Why are they selling?”

With the later, professional courtesy usually preludes further info dissemination on the grounds of it being confidential info..…but in the case of the former…..well read on….

Previously I’ve highlighted many of the great apps available to Android equipped Realtors.

In particular, I originally singled out an app, Sun Board.

In reality it answered the perennial question……posed above.

Home Buyers in Nelson are always asking where is north, but 99% of them ask it because they want to know the answer to one question….”where is the Sun.” [this is relevant only for southern hemisphere property buyers, obvious its the reverse for those north of the equator, they will be desiring to know “which way is south?”]

Today, Sky TV dishes also help to point the way….but I digress.

Which way is North?

It’s the question all real estate buyers should ask, especially those unfamiliar with a location.

Heck, even a local who has lived in the town for a decade can ask it.

Perhaps because they are visiting a part of town they haven’t before, & they find themselves topographically challenged…in a way…. “they’ve lost their bearings.”

So in the best “there’s an app for that” tradition, comes my latest find, Astroid.

The above graphic shows [had to take photo as having hassles with “screen-shotting” this one] an image taken from my phone displaying a Stoke location in Nelson which clearly delineates today’s sunshine rise and set.


Map or Satellite view - you decide

As a matter of fact, that rise and set is just as important as “where the sun is now” in Nelson.

We don’t really have an issue with summer sun. Most places on earth don’t. No, most buyers efforts are concentrated on ascertaining where the sun rises and sets in winter, as it should be.

For Nelson real estate property buyers then, that “winter sunshine factor” most definitely has a direct relationship on property prices.

A case of “make sure you do your homework” or seriously consider engaging a knowledgeable local.

Matter of fact this isn’t just an app for Realtors, its perfect for PFRE photographers or even for buyers in Nelson looking at homes for sale, to use themselves for confirmation.