Photography brings emotion to your Property Listing

June 3rd, 2011

Previously I’ve been at pains to point out the absolute certainty that great photography adds the biggest element to a property listing, here on or other listing sites that showcase photographic evidence of the listing alongside.

Tell me that photos like the one above don’t already do something for you….

Just serene....

Well if not, then perhaps you must be a daytime oriented person …. tell me then that this photo here doesn’t do something for you?

Misty Mountains beckon.....

And then they topped it off with a couple that looked like paintings.

The great news is that you could live here, although sorry to say on this occasion its not in the Top of The South, no this time we’re visiting Taupo Bay Road, Taupo Bay in Northland.

I notice in one of the photos attached to the listing there is a chopper taking off, so it looks like overall it was a pretty full-on photo shoot…..but what results, you can really “feel” it.

Well done to the listing agent.