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Nelsonians – Rugby fanatics take note

June 27th, 2011

If you are going to post a comment in the media…….let alone write a syndicated article …… what you say/write.

When I saw this, above “comment”, in the weekend, I got to thinking.

Then……..I just got plain annoyed? Why….well because the brevity that this “flippant” comment seemed to be passed off on….well it wasn’t justified, not in any single way.

Nelsonians, in case you weren’t already aware, well….we absolutely love our rugby.

Don’t forget NELSON was the spot in NEW ZEALAND where the 1st ever game of rugby was played, after CJ himself brought the ball from half a world away [in the days of steamships folks – he was a committed individual] from the mother country.

While I’m at it, can I also remind you readers that the Nelson Rugby Club was the FIRST RUGBY CLUB IN NEW ZEALAND.

Those couple of small incidental facts aside I have a point that I would like to make.


AUCKLAND – Eden Park seems to be (projected) about 60k

WELLINGTON – Caketin – see chart

CHCH – lets not go there at present (see chart)

DUNEDIN – yes a move is on the cards but recent history shows a crowd of….is possible (but see chart)


Here’s the CHART.

kind of self explanatory actually......

The blue bars are based on attendances, then considered against the population of each town, something that seems to have alluded Mr Hinton…

Can we definitely not be passed on so mildly …in a way that sounds like “locals” weren’t interested / involved in the events happening.

No dis-respect, but what can I say –  to Mr Hinton’s

….a disappointingly small crowd..


NOTE just in case you’re interested Aucklanders……the chart above does already reflect factor in a “projected” FULL CAPACITY scenario crowd at your new stadium.




IMOK and the Christchurch Earthquakes

June 22, 2011

I’m going to talk about SHORT messages on NZ’s shortest day, today.

Near on three years ago, I spoke about what I thought was a great idea, in the ICE (In Case of Emergency) concept/idea.

That was then followed up with this article here about visiting the New Zealand Address Register and the need to confirm your actual address as true and correct. This was mainly to aid emergency services in arriving at the correct destination.

Today too, I think I need to write down what I’m thinking about again.

Like many Kiwis I have family in Christchurch.

Once Twitter advises or my smartphones Earthquake Alerter goes off, my thoughts turn instantly to family in Christchurch.

Now if you’re like me, then what happened last week on Tuesday afternoon, is just what happened to you. The phone lines, landline and mobile were in a state of gridlock….and while you were waiting to get word that all was ok, you were left wondering at…..?

Today I have asked both my daughters to send a short text msg consisting of just 4 letters.

Those letters are…. IMOK in the event of any other significant localised events. (aiding this, on most screenbased smartphones qwerty keyboards you’ll note that these four letters have conviently been grouped close together too)

As its a text, then that’s exactly what the phone companies are suggesting is the best way to communicate at these times.

In those immediate moments after an event, a text probably has the best chance of getting through, besides its a very quick thing to do.

Luckily for us, the smartphone software writers have seen the benefits in such an app, and yes it turns out there is a specific one out there. The really good news in the case of an app is that you can predefine 3 or 4 contacts to let know instantly without you having to send 3 or 4 separate text messages (after all, I have, but it would seem not many I know have set up groups on their mobile phones)

The only one I can find is an iPhone one, but it looks like one for Android is coming.

Come on NZ Mobile telephone companies, its quite obvious that you will one of the first ones to experience difficulties when something like this happens.

Surely Telecom, Vodafone or 2degrees should be encouraging iPhone and Android developers to get behind / write such location aware apps.

Shortest Day Photography for Real Estate

June 16th, 2011

Last year around this time, and the year previous that too, I brought your attention to the benefits of photographing Real Estate on the shortest day of the year.

Wintertime sunshine is precious.......

The shortest day often co-incidences with some fantastic low light angles, the light gets into those areas that it doesn’t in summer, when lets face it, in Nelsons case, practically nowhere has any issue with generous amounts of the summer time variety.

No, its the winter time variety that interests most purchasers, especially those who might be new to the Nelson real estate market, and are looking to buy their first home here.

If you’re selling your property and its been on the market for a while, why not consider refreshing it this week / get your agent to take new photos, just get it done soon, because rain is forecast for the weekend.

I'm not a tree expert but would this look more interesting to a buyer with sunshine?

New photos would definitely be relevant if the only photos you have are ones that show “summer” foliage blocking the light from reaching rooms of the home!

Rather than go over it all again……why not refresh your memory with these pertinent previous posts.

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Nelson Real Estate Home Sales Report – May 2011

June 9th, 2011 (UPDATED June 13th)

Based on preliminary data, it would appear May 2011’s results show an upturn in volume over recent months.


Although at 89 residential sales, its just one more than last Mays 88 Sold number. A growing number of 4 bedroom sales feature in this months chart.

Median price at $335,000 is pretty much in the 320,000 – 350,000 band that Nelson has been tracking for the last twelve months or so.

NZ Property Report - May 2011

Regular readers of the excellent NZ summary published by on the 1st of each calendar month, would have noted that their was a bit of red and mixed results contained in the property “Asking Price Expectations” section of the latest report released on June 1st 2011.

Was better news for the Nelson region [2% up in asking price] where I have witnessed many examples [3 & 4 way multi-offers for instance] over the last 4-6wks, that hint more favourably towards the sellers, a fact that seems to coming out. Due to the delayed nature of sales results publishing though it might be another month or so before its going to be obvious if their is any trend in this.

Reinforcing this sentiment further was the regional inventory breakdown, where Nelson still features favourably.


Statistics NZ seem to be reporting a bit more mellowing on the home front, but they’re not shouting from the treetops yet. Although in light of this, it was promising that Nelson recorded 14 section sales for May 2011.

Meanwhile QV report though that Nelson property values were -0.9% down , whilst neighboring Tasman was -1.3% down, and Marlborough – 5.4% down.

In summarizing national housing prices / values, Quotable Value NZ [QV] state;

“Values are now 1.6% lower than the same time last year, and 5.7% below the market peak of late 2007.”

I’ll update this post with further details whence the official Real Estate Institute of NZ figures are released.

I noted with interest the sales price to CV ratio, as displayed in this chart, ….surely the media will have headline fun with this.


Today the official NZ figures came out and saw Nelson as such;

Median was $329,500 but that was for the whole region, Nelson City remained at $335,000 as reported and Richmond at $365,000…..although re Richmond the institute point out “Care needs to exercised with the Richmond result given the small number of sales occurring in that suburb.”

Regarding Days to Sell, they report; “The Nelson/Marlborough region’s days to sell remained steady at 57 days in May 2011 compared to April 2011, and increased by 13 days compared to May 2010.”





Realtors on Android ~ Where is the Sun?

June 8th, 2011

“Which way is North?” is asked just about as often of an Estate Agent as is “Why are they selling?”

With the later, professional courtesy usually preludes further info dissemination on the grounds of it being confidential info..…but in the case of the former…..well read on….

Previously I’ve highlighted many of the great apps available to Android equipped Realtors.

In particular, I originally singled out an app, Sun Board.

In reality it answered the perennial question……posed above.

Home Buyers in Nelson are always asking where is north, but 99% of them ask it because they want to know the answer to one question….”where is the Sun.” [this is relevant only for southern hemisphere property buyers, obvious its the reverse for those north of the equator, they will be desiring to know “which way is south?”]

Today, Sky TV dishes also help to point the way….but I digress.

Which way is North?

It’s the question all real estate buyers should ask, especially those unfamiliar with a location.

Heck, even a local who has lived in the town for a decade can ask it.

Perhaps because they are visiting a part of town they haven’t before, & they find themselves topographically challenged…in a way…. “they’ve lost their bearings.”

So in the best “there’s an app for that” tradition, comes my latest find, Astroid.

The above graphic shows [had to take photo as having hassles with “screen-shotting” this one] an image taken from my phone displaying a Stoke location in Nelson which clearly delineates today’s sunshine rise and set.


Map or Satellite view - you decide

As a matter of fact, that rise and set is just as important as “where the sun is now” in Nelson.

We don’t really have an issue with summer sun. Most places on earth don’t. No, most buyers efforts are concentrated on ascertaining where the sun rises and sets in winter, as it should be.

For Nelson real estate property buyers then, that “winter sunshine factor” most definitely has a direct relationship on property prices.

A case of “make sure you do your homework” or seriously consider engaging a knowledgeable local.

Matter of fact this isn’t just an app for Realtors, its perfect for PFRE photographers or even for buyers in Nelson looking at homes for sale, to use themselves for confirmation.