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Seen Real Estate Photography like this before?

May 30th, 2011

Haven’t actually met Ian before in person, but do recall him being up on stage at a past fellow NZ Realtors, Barfoot and Thompson, conference at Sky City.

Trying to showcase the size of the 2009m² section their property listing has, it would seem they pulled out all the stops.

I don’t know how this type of add would go in the more conservative south, but…..

I would suggest you’d be hard pushed to say it was a case of false advertising by a real estate agent.

From photo comments like “imagine starting your own zoo” (herds not included) there is an obvious element of “cheekiness” to it.

And in these quieter times, administration staff who have Photoshop experience don’t always get a chance to use it everyday.

After all, much of what is marketing is about thinking outside the square, isn’t it….doing something different to attract attention or a click.

Real Estate agents / marketers are tasked to do that they can, obviously within reason, to attract potentially interested persons/ buyers, and that’s no different on the web.

In real estate we have two of some the most important everyday items at hand to utilize, photos and words.

The above have depicted the usage of photos, and this little video clip below,

……….(promise its worth watching) should perfectly illustrate what “words can do.”

PROPERTY LISTING – here (obviously only until it sells….and then you’ll more than likely see an error page)