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NZs Most Interesting Homes – May 2011

May 28th, 2011

What were the most interesting homes that stood out in the month that was May 2011?

Just thought I’d put this little shopping list together for you before you go “Open Homing.”

NZ’s most expensive residential property


NZ’s most expensive residential property above…some may well have wondered about the property shown below, admittedly close by……but to be frank……because of its more “business orientation” makeup – its really more of a commercial reality…..and therefore doesn’t really qualify in the residential stakes.



And this one below, is it ….

NZ’s biggest residential home available to buy in todays market?

I do recall seeing this home in some Home and Garden or was it Design magazines a while back, but at 1000m2 of living, thats big.

And although this one below doesn’t quite qualify at only 750m2.its worth a mention because for a smaller city like Hamilton this is still one heck of a home!


NZ’s biggest over water waterfront apartment…..

You may recall seeing this one on TV1’s Breakfast program last year……but don’t worry you haven’t missed out, its still available. Down on waterfront Quay St, Auckland …….obviously on the top level, and with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, then you’d expect it to have at least 880m2 of floor area, no less!

NZ’s most expensive Island (hmmm…see below for NZ’s biggest Price Reduction)

NZ’s “in the media” property of the month


NZ’s biggest Price Reduction

According to website listings Pakatoa Island it is…..and here’s where it started at……

…and then since July of last year

…… its been advertised like this…..


And quickly following this one up……possibly NZ’s second biggest price reduction?

……..and also winning again……..if you aren’t in a hurry to move…..quite possibly

NZ’s most agreeable settlement date?

Perhaps the one showing the most concerted effort……..would have to be this one here.

Advertised alternatively as a Ridgetop Estate, and Ridge Top Mansion comes this property.

One company had it ………

Another is trying

and now another has got it. Have to admit love the different angles that the various photographers picked to show the mansion off.

And there you have it, Real Estate for the month of May 2011 in New Zealand.