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Is this New Zealands Most Expensive Home EVER?

May 23rd, 2011

Ok, that may seem like a headline grabber if there ever was one.

...looks familiar

But between you and me what would you ever expect a home to be priced….as a Kiwi…..if it were ever to qualify for the title of this post?

Would it be the $20million plus figure that was paid for a property inland of Motueka, ….just some basic Nelson Real Estate over in the Tasman District some years back…..or would it be more in the realm of a reputed NZD$25m+ Paritai Drive property?


Over 150 millionaires looking on 1 day!

According to the visits registered above at realestate.co.nz, there seems no shortage of millionaires looking to buy such a property in New Zealand.

No, frankly it would seem, the price of this property eclipses all of these, and reportedly would make any Hollywood “Peter Jackson” type mogul very very happy indeed.

Hmmm...is that Museli or Eggs Benedict?

Why did I mention Mr Jackson….well on account of the fact that he seems to be one of the only other Kiwis (other than Nelsons…well Motueka again is mentioned…Goodman brothers) that I am aware of that happen to have in their stable……one of these little G550 beauties…..and I’m not sure that “little” is the best term here, is why. (guess what I’m trying to say is that $50m is not little)

Perhaps Sir...would like a swim.....?

Which brings me to listing #1531792, listed since April 2011…..that I have been confidently assured…

….is the most expensive property EVER advertised for sale on any real estate website in New Zealand, ever!

Not a bad view

Hmmm….checked your ticket lately?