Nelson Real Estate Home Sales Report – April 2011

May 16th, 2011

In the results for March 2011 last month, I reported the news that…

“…….Nelson /Marlborough was the only region other than Auckland to record a stronger lift in volumes compared to the national result, with Nelson City leading the way with a 48% lift in volumes.”

So of course I was extra eager to see the April 2011 outcome.

REINZ figures were released last week, & they show Nelson real estate exhibited a more “steady as she goes…” type of movement, but hey considering the current environment……that’s actually not a bad thing at all.

Commenting on the April 2011 sales results, REINZ Chief Executive Helen O’Sullivan said;

“….results reflect a steady market across New Zealand with signs of a lift in prices in the South Island, and Auckland prices still solid with limited supply”

Nelson got another mention here……

Across the country all regions other than Wellington, Southland and Nelson/Marlborough recorded a decrease in days to sell.

Below is my chart depicting Nelsons home sales makeup for April 2011, confirmed by REINZ sales data input from local agencies.

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There you have it.

Plainly as you can see from the above chart, the family unit type home, them of the 3 ~ 4 bedroom variety, they certainly have the lions share of the market currently in Nelson town.

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Whats so good about that?

Well, seems even QV couldn’t help but comment on Nelson….as in….

In Nelson values have been relatively stable since January 2010 and as a result the gap between last year and this year is only -0.7 percent.

Hmmm……now where have I heard that before?

Frankly, I think the above QV-NZ chart amply illustrates it perfectly.


Well, whilst we see NZ down 2%, Nelson fared ok….what I’d describe as…. situation normal.

Three bedroom homes usually depict families, and in these new millennium times, that usually (ok not always) indicates some school age children, and for most occasions, two working parents.

We had a Swiss student some years back, and it was stunning to hear that she had grown up, she was 20 something….and

…………..she had never known a backyard that had grass.

Now for no other reason that you want to bring “your children” up in somewhere decent….to let them really experience life, then little ole Nelson town rates pretty highly.

Here’s the official REINZ chart included in last wks press release. (REINZ data – Press Release May 11th, 2011)

Hmmm....REINZ could do with consulting someone re their new graphics resolution?

Just be aware that this month on….I’m concentrating on the Nelson only figures, not including our cousin across the hills, Marlborough.