Kiwis now living on a grander scale

May 11th, 2011

It is true…not just what you thought. Kiwis are definitely living in bigger homes.

While delving deep into their databases QV NZ have release a article updating the situation with Kiwi home sizes, floor area wise.


The article states that in 2011, we live in new homes that are over 50% larger than houses built in 1900.

They go on;

Based on the decade built, houses had an average floor area of just under 132 square metres in 1900, while houses built since 2010 are on average 205 square metres.

QV say that although 1930s and 1940s homes were smaller, with the depression and wars and things, by the 50’s they were starting to get larger.

Interestingly, their findings indicate “….there is little difference across the country with most of the main centres showing a very similar pattern.”

Read the full report over at QV, here.