At the end of the rainbow

May 3rd, 2011

Is a pot of gold… goes.

It could be said, usually the same goes for real estate…..longer term.

Occasionally the rainbow ends over water, but most times its over terrain.

Many times its been said there’s gold in “them thar hills……” but not just homes on the hills / sea views / etc”, no real estate in general has provided many home owners with big financial gains.

No…not for those ones who are moving with-in 2-3 years of buying, that rarely happens….and generally is what a good chunk of the media attention is about today.

Click for interactive map

So what else can you do then?

Well with the price of gold what it is today, this might be a way to help.

A chance to go looking for it yourself……and just so you don’t stand on anyone else’s feet, you’ll find this here map entitled “New Zealand Gold Permit Map” to be of some handy assistance. (also a  satellite view avail. at map site)

Next decent break you get from work, fire up the camper / RV and head to the bush / hills.

Courtesy of all the National Parks in the Nelson / Golden Bays region, the map (click above) illustrates that the amount of spare space to work your proposed new claim, could be a tad limited.

At the end of the week if you strike it lucky, you’ll be able to buy that dream bach in the Nelson Bays area, or if you’re really fortunate a dream home for sale in Nelson itself.

Alternatively if you don’t want to venture too far afield, then perhaps some of our local rivers may be more to your liking for a bit of gold panning.

Thanks to for the headups on this site.