Nelson Movie Location or What…

April 21st, 2011

I’ve highlighted before the great photography of Paul Nankivell, especially those scenic shots he has taken above Nelson, but today I happened across this one that he’d taken previously.

It just looked so surreal, at first I though it had to a Maya composite, some sort of CGI or something….but no it really is actually a photo he took of Nguroa Bay, on the other side of Golden Bay, right here in the “Top of the South.”  This place, right here.

Today, its my new “just another part of the Nelson region” desktop wallpaper  background.

This spot is less than 100kms, well 99.16km actually….as the crow flies from Nelson. Who would have thought that this sort of scenery was available “just around the corner” in Godsown?

Higher Res version here.

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