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Nelson Property Investors Association comments

April 28, 2011

The next meeting  for the Nelson Property Investors Association is being held at the Nelson Suburban Club, Tahunanui Drive on Tuesday 17 May. The guest speaker at this meeting will be Cliff Seque from Dunedin, a landlord with 37 years experience.

In their May Newsletter, the following comments were interesting;

“My guess is the BNZ have got their predictions wrong about Auckland leading the way with price increases.

QV have indicated little old Nelson has emerged as one of the star performers during the recession as far as house prices goes. With small centres it does not take as many people moving around to create an aberration in prices.”

For the full article head on over to here.

Recent Christchurch events have focused attention on accommodation in the Garden City, and the newsletter also touches on the relevance with this point;

“There is a large concentration of these social housing units in the most quake affected areas of Christchurch which explains the high percentage of high risk tenants seeking accommodation here.”

Landlords do have plenty of responsibilities and this too was highlighted at last months meeting, covered briefly here in the post, Lessons from Christchurch, and in a newspaper article from the Nelson Mail here.

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Nelson Movie Location or What…

April 21st, 2011

I’ve highlighted before the great photography of Paul Nankivell, especially those scenic shots he has taken above Nelson, but today I happened across this one that he’d taken previously.

It just looked so surreal, at first I though it had to a Maya composite, some sort of CGI or something….but no it really is actually a photo he took of Nguroa Bay, on the other side of Golden Bay, right here in the “Top of the South.”  This place, right here.

Today, its my new “just another part of the Nelson region” desktop wallpaper  background.

This spot is less than 100kms, well 99.16km actually….as the crow flies from Nelson. Who would have thought that this sort of scenery was available “just around the corner” in Godsown?

Higher Res version here.

Private Sale Vs Real Estate Agent Question for you

April 16th, 2011

Here’s the situation.

You have placed your home on the market privately, commonly referred to in overseas markets as a FSBO.

After 5 weeks on the market,  you accept what you consider a satisfactory offer.

It has a couple of conditional clauses, one being bank finance. Unbeknownst to you the LTV on the mortgage required to complete the purchase is quite high.

So because of this, the bank or finance company requests/requires a valuation before you get the final ok.

Fair enough, it comes in, the lender is happy and the sale goes through…………now everyone’s happy……or should….???

The bank/lender was happy because the “sale price = their valuation”…..but what if…???

via Twitter

The above tweet appeared recently, and has to make you wonder about all of the story above, doesn’t it?

The Auckland based writer above mentioned “the highest independent valuation” and I’m wondering therefore if there weren’t more than one valuer involved here?

Would be interesting to know if it was a private sale or one conducted by an agency?

My question questions?

Were the best interests of the seller realised in this case?

What about the buyer, had they of gone to the table with a “pre-approved loan” based on valuations, how would they feel?

Could this happen anywhere in NZ, or is in more applicable to a “moving market” like we are currently seeing in Auckland, Nelson and a couple of other spots around the country?

Nelson Real Estate Home Sales Report – March 2011

April 13th, 2011

I hear you ask……….”hows the market…?”

“Nelson/Marlborough was the only region other than Auckland to record a stronger lift in volumes compared to the national result, with Nelson City leading the way with a 48% lift in volumes”

didn’t I just say that? That there is the official report (REINZ Version) on what is happening.

Regular visitors here will know my passion for the town where I grew up…..but at the same time I feel like I’m repeating myself a bit much when voicing my thoughts on the paradise that is our region.

So my new mantra I think from here on in is….you are intelligent enough to make up your own mind.

REINZ data - Press Release April 13th 2011

And there you have it.

Nelson Real Estate Market a Strong Stable One

April 12th, 2011

Looking for a property or home for sale in Nelson, or evening consider a move locally?

Good News.

QV’s Report for March 2011 is out, and we ( Nelsonians that is ) have, according to the published chart, one of the strongest Real Estate markets in New Zealand, something regular readers will note I’ve been reporting about here for the last few months.

In todays press release QV NZ, state the following about Nelson Real Estate prices;

“In the South Island Nelson has one of the strongest markets and now sits level with last year”

The last 3 – 4 weeks have become quite active locally, something similiar to what the NZ Herald reported a few days ago about the big smoke. (agents on the ground in Auckland are reporting too)

Just the facts, Maam….

This post will be about the facts, and won’t need much more than 20 / 20 vision for you to see that.

WWW.QV.CO.NZ (Click above graphic to subscribe to your own area statistics)

For brevity I decided to add a coloured arrow just to assist with the graphic above.

What does this mean?

On average across New Zealand, QV report an Annual Property Price Change, based on the NZ average shown above,  that equates to a tad over NZD$8,000.

Had your property have been in Nelson, then that amount would have been…………?

FULL ARTICLE ~ QV Press Release – PROPERTY VALUES STEADY – April 12th, 2011

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