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Nelson Update Roundup

March 31st, 2011

Things relevant to Nelsonians.

TelecomNZs ADSL2 + Roll out

September 2011 looks like the date all of Stoke will should be “wired” for ADSL2+.

Telecom's Broadband Service Availability Tool

Well, that’s what this chart here over at Telecom NZs Wholesale webpage indicates.

Do Nelsonians, Kiwis in general, really hunger for faster broadband though?

Couple stats here from NZ Statistics do point the way forward;

60% of broadband customers had a data cap of 5GB or more in June 2010

The number of broadband subscribers increased 15%, to 1.3 million, between June 2009 and June 2010

To see for yourself when Telecoms new Ethernet network carrying ADSL2+/VDSL2/GPON is coming past your front door, click on the image above, or visit here if you are interested in another part of New Zealand.

Freeview HD

When Freeview launched their HD service back in 2008, Nelson / Tasman didn’t feature on the radar as somewhere the HD service was available.

Local residents had to be happy with the existing non-HD feed or in time, at a premium, pay to get SkyHD.

Chris Keall over at NBR reports that;

…… because Sky TV has bought out all remaining bandwidth on the Optus D1 satellite covering New Zealand, Freeview can only expand its high-definition (HD) service though through more expensive terrestrial towers.

Jonathon Colemans announcement this week should put an end to this discrepancy….with this timely comment;

‘’The network will be operating in time for the Rugby World Cup, so people will be able to enjoy the action like never before.”

At the birthplace of Rugby in NZ, in this auspicious RWC year, I hope for locals sake that they do indeed met that obligation and deadline.

Lets wait, watch and then…hopefully, see.

Until then though …. to see what you need to receive these new signals head on over to NZ Govt “Lets Go Digital” website to “swot” up.

Real Estate news roundup

Local Nelson valuation firm Duke & Cooke produce a weekly newsletter update,

They explain it such;

Each week we bring together a precis of media articles related to the Nelson regional property market with a reference to the source material.  This information is gathered from external news sources only, from articles already published in the local media.

If its just a brief snapshot of the local Nelson Real Estate market that you’re after, Tasman District included too, then this could help.

To read the latest one, its available here.

NZ Police is now following you…

March 30th, 2010

Is what I saw on my email screen.

New Zealand Police is following you on Twitter! ………and with an exclamation mark.

Thought hmmm………George Orwell may have been onto something there? 🙂

But imagine this…….imagine if their Twitter followers tweets were watched around the clock by an officer, could be a real good use of yfrog or Twitpic + camera equipped GPS “always on” Smartphone if you ask me.  And if GPS co-ords were uploaded with a photo to Twitpic, then a patrol car based screen with an Augmented Reality layer over it, like “Layar” would make it all the more interesting for Police on duty to get to a scene potentially quicker.  In the same vein as Crimestoppers, 0800takeaphoto maybe?

yFrog –

Twitpic –

Somethings going on down at the beach….

March 30th 2011

Reminds me of standing on the Brighton Pier  in Christchurch and looking below onto the sands. sands through the hourglass...

Seems we have a local artist now too.

The local newspaper reported on it last week, and asked for the person doing it to contact them. And No, its not me…..I don’t quite have that sort of artistic flair.

Come to thing of it, if I did something like this it would take a looooonnnng time, and then just as I was to stand back and review it, the tide would fix it forever anyway.

Help for new Real Estate Bloggers

March 24th, 2011

So you’ve seen a few other folk typing away on here, and think that now it’s about time you got yourself a “presence” too.

So under the following sub headline……

Getting Started for New Real Estate Bloggers……here we go…..

Well there really is one golden rule, and Co-founder and CMO of Copyblogger Media, Sonia Simone, and she should know, puts it this way;

“We have a mantra at Copyblogger Media……”

Don’t sell, teach

If you want to soar from Day 1, keep that in mind always.

Then you will be well on the way to establishing yourself as someone with knowledge on the topic, be it from a local area expert, to someone who specializes in other areas of Real Estate like photography or Investment properties.

Simone rounds out the article with point no. 5, which basically says

It’s about them — the readers, prospects, and customers — not you.

Better still…….check out Simones full article “The Simple 5-Step Formula for
Effective Online Content” right here for yourself.

Well worth a quick 4 minutes of your time.

That mantra above also reminds me a bit of Kevin Coster in Field of Dreams……build it and they will come.
Thanks to @Ribeezie for tweeting about this.

What a Moon last night

March 20, 2010

This weekend is a chance to see a great full moon.

According to NASA, its called a super “perigee moon”, and its the biggest in 20 years. Next one won’t be around til 2016.

In Nelson last night, it looked spectacular when I went to bed,

and again during the night,

Photo taken at 3:22am

where it was like day light on the backyard lawn…

…..apparently a local hedgehog calls our place home.

Happened to get up this morning because I thought it was daylight.. it was just that moon again.

...going away for now.

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