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Want 1000% increase in viewers to your listing

Jan 27th 2011

Just check out this chart.

Are you curious and wondering out loud……….what might have happened on the 15th/16th Jan 2011?

The above graph really does depict a change better than any words I can say.

Actually the number increase is more like a 3000% figure, but who’s going to believe that sort of stratospheric increase? By quoting a number like that as a headline I’d just about guarantee that Google would put my blog post in the spam department, but its true.

I suspect that this increase was not down to a mailout from the listing agent, no….I would suggest its something called a “Featured Listing” which is available for anyone selling their property here in New Zealand.

As the above tweet notes, its pretty undeniable that their was a certain…… “eye candy” factor at work here, however to my way of thinking it also showcases what a difference professional photography can make too.

Fair to say, that the stunning imagery, inclusive of a fair swag of outside Queenstown vistas, did this listing no harm.

In fact pictures like these are just fantastic at showing what living in New Zealand is all about.

Sit on the deck and ......

Sit on the deck and ......

Matter of fact, pictures like these probably do as much for New Zealand tourism as they do for the property listed?

So next time when your listing consultant mentions high profile marketing….

perhaps you could do worse than remember this example for the difference it can make.