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South Pacifics Top 10 Bargain Hotels & guess what?

Jan 21st 2010

…………..what location could possibly bag 20% of them?

Yes I mean 20% out of the whole South Pacific….and that includes our friendly neighbour (the “big island”) across the ditch….plus the “exotics” like Fiji.

Well in case you asked this image here……….

and then this ‘ere image should give you an idea.

And why am I telling you about this rather than about Nelson Real Estate matters.

Well one reason really….and its quite a simple one.

I am writing here on the premise or suspicion that when you come to one of New Zealands favourite holiday spots to investigate homes for sale in Nelson….that you may not always have friends or family to rely on for accommodation purposes.

So its on that preamble that I am offering up to you…..not just something I have known….something that dozens or maybe, even hundreds (the logo above would indicate just a tad more than that…..but lets be conservative) of like minded travellers before you…..have already experienced.

So when you next plan your scouting trip to Nelson to see what real estate we have……you could do worse than stay at one of these fine establishments.

And ……..

In case you were wondering if this might be a 1 off……(you already know my answer don’t you)…….but if you are a new reader to my posts here, then this will be enlightening.

TripAdvisior.com.au do also have another Top 10…………….

January of each year it seems everyone seems to have one ( note to self; now theres an idea ) ….

This one here above…….

and……the envelope please…….

shows what their many readers thought…..not just that but thought about it enough and were impressed likewise to take the time to vote.

Seems that that isn’t a typical response today.

However far be it for me to be the one to tell you….but if you cast your eyes over that table above it may “pop up” that their is only one place listed in New Zealand….and no….its not in last place.

In fact “Adrift in Golden Bay” located in the “Top of the South”, in the Nelson Bays region dropped into the list at number 6….no small achievement amongst such illustrious & latitudinally advantaged company.

Credit where credit is due - family run really means just that......

Well done guys….over the Takaka Hill…..you must be really doing something right.

DISCLAIMER – to be PC I should mention that I do not know who owns these ….but if you click on a Google add on the side that talks about a hotel/motel then I might get 1 or 2 cents.

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