Port Nelson Open Day coming……

Jan 19th, 2011

Members of the public seldom get the chance to see whats down at Port Nelson, because the only way to get into the Port is usually through security checkpoints.

CLICK TO ENLARGE (Image - www.portnelson.co.nz)

CLICK TO ENLARGE (Image - www.portnelson.co.nz)

Thats about to change.

Come Sunday 13th Feb 2011 you’ll get your own chance to see just where all the action happens. Don’t think there’ll be too many container handling forktrucks operating while youngsters are around….but you’ll be able to see them and where they operate.

In conjunction with the Open Day, Port Nelson is also conducting a childrens “Colouring In” competition. (link here at the bottom of Port Nelson main page here)

Now I wonder what the topic of the colouring in competition may be?

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