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What do the Tribu, Kokomo and Suri have in common?

Jan 2nd, 2011

If your first guess was “tribal names” off an episode of Survivor, then sorry……but you’re wrong.

They are in fact names of superyachts and a superyacht shadow support or escort vessel………a what?

Yup, apparently there is such a thing?

Maybe its just that they “don’t build them like they used to” as it seems there’s only so much space on your typical superyacht these days. Although she looks at first to be of an older design, she was only “built in 2007” (although that could have been a conversion from what looks like an Offshore Supply Vessel commonly used in the Offshore Oil industry).

MV Suri has been positioned (see map graphic below) down at the Marlborough Sounds (her small rental of USD$225k a week helping to offset the remoteness of the location I’m sure)

Eurocopter Squirrel preparing

Eurocopter Squirrel preparing

When dropping my mother down at the airport this morning I noticed that Suri’s chopper was still parked down there.

You too can have one on standby at your next port of call for…..give or take a few cents…..NZD$290,000 per week.

So what do you need the extra space for?

According to Charterworld.com, a ship like Suri has these “extras” onboard for starters;

Eurocopter Helicopter
4-person Hover craft
35′ Stancraft mahogany speedster
28′ aluminum landing craft dune buggy
37′ Intrepid
Numerous jet skis, rowing shells, sailboats, kayaks, dive gear, ski equipment

Now I understand. Bit like any new build home really, the main superyacht may have the formal lounge, but………..where to lounge around with family in a “more casual” atmosphere…….ah-ha…… the shadow support vessel of course.

Superyacht’s in Nelson

MY Kokomo arrived the other day, into Nelson Haven on a typically Nelson sunny day.

Click to enlarge (Kokomo at top left, Siru in waiting at top right)

Click to enlarge (Kokomo at top left, Siru in waiting at top right)

Kokomo has now left Port Nelson, and has motored over (well don’t know actually she may have sailed?) to New Zealands smallest National Park, Abel Tasman. One suspects she will be on her way to join Suri soon.

MV Tribu at Port Nelson

MV Tribu at Port Nelson (DATA/PHOTO CREDIT - marinetraffic.com)

However just to make it interesting the Italian built 50m MY Tribu is also at Port Nelson ( Italys Rugby team will be playing two matches here in Nelson for this years 2011 RWC) having just recently completed a refit in Auckland. She was built in 2007 according to information here…….and according to Charterworld, Tribu is available to charter for NZD$318,492 per week.

Maybe its her that is headed down the Marlborough Sounds to join Suri…..then again as 37south.co.nz reports;

Tribu is scheduled to relaunch on the 20th of December 2010, to continue her owners’ cruise of the South Island before heading to Tasmania and Australia’s east coast.

…….maybe not.

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