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Calling all Plane Spotters ~ what is this?

December 21st, 2010

Yes, even I’ll be the first to admit,  over the last year or so we have definitely had our fair share of private jets arriving in little ole Nelson town.

nsn apt

Actually there is a reason for that, because according to the airports website;

Nelson Airport has restricted International Airport status. This was obtained in 2006 in particular to facilitate small private jets.

However some of what I have seen this year ….well I suggest to you would not be classified as “small” private jets.



Take this above October arrival for example.

mystery visitors to Nelson

mystery visitors to Nelson ( click to enlarge )

With anon passengers…..

However the reason why I am calling plane spotters to help out tonight..



…is because of this very large private jet….that arrived at Nelson Airport tonight.

Looks bigger than many I have seen here before – any one have a clue???

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Apparently it is the Goodmans new unit. MRC Aviation blog state;

Global Express XRS VH-OCV made a brief visit to Queenstown 21Dec when it arrived from Sydney and departed a short time later for Nelson and then back to Sydney marking the aircraft’s first visit to Nelson.  The owners, Goodmans, are from the Nelson region and their previous aircraft of the same markings, a Learjet 60 and Challenger 604 were both frequent visitors to the South Island city.

Details here.

Brand New Site – Top of the South Maps

December 19th, 2010

Big bonus for Nelson and Tasman Real Estate hunters.

The topic of Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council’s potential amalgamation has been in the papers rather a lot recently.  In quite pertinent timing this past week, we saw a direct result of the two councils collaborating in launching a new joint GIS mapping site.

This really is good news.

Previously you have had the ability to enter the GIS system at Nelson City Council (NCC) via your web browser, but to date no such facility existed online for the Tasman District Councils zone. (TDC)

click for full size image

click for full size image

For further info on TDC coverage area….for example places like Mapua, Motueka, Takaka, Murchison, Richmond, Wakefield or Brightwater, you had to make the trip down to the council chambers in Queen St, Richmond and book an appointment with a “duty” planner. There you could see on his/her screen the data that you can now access from the comfort of your home.

Check out the new site here.

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Social Media – The Dark Side

December 16th, 2010

Who can forget Yoda’s immortal words in Star Wars Episode II : Attack of the Clones;

Hmmm. The Dark Side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is”

If you haven’t been hibernating for the last few years, then you’d be aware that after each round of interviews, many employers seek out a PC, and go “googling” or “facebooking” your name, or combinations. Increasing in frequency alongside this is the old detective trick of “looking up“ any writings on/from work associates at previous (or even current) employment locations.

IMAGE CREDIT - Razvan Caliman

IMAGE CREDIT - Razvan Caliman

Places like Trademe, Linked In, Plaxo, etc actively encourage interviewers to “develop an appetite” for such workmate / schoolmate linkings. Oftentimes its as simple as checking out whom a potential job candidate follows on Twitter or Facebook.

I’ve read comments on some sites like “a workmate is saying so and so” or “he/shes a real wally, a looser” or such.

If either the writer or the intended whom the writer is scribing about, are applying for a job through an interview process, then these comments plus any type of “associated” photo’s are quite illuminating indeed.

In fact from an interviewers point of view, I think the phrase is “time saving.” I’ve heard of one interviewer even glancing over which Facebook Groups a person publicly belongs too.

So along with all the fun of sharing exciting overseas trips, your best friends wedding, and last years family Xmas gathering…… really should think twice about those “other” photos.

Don’t forget comments either.


Check out the box on the right hand side of this page if you are unsure what I’m talking about. (not my page and content varies considerably – some R18)

Maybe the poster thought it was amusing at the time……but dauntingly, thanks to the wonders of the internet, (eg: “mirror sites” in the news this week) those comments will be there to haunt you for a while longer now.

If you need a prime example then you need do no more than google “Candidate’s racy Facebook photos showed ‘lack of judgment’: B.C. NDP leader “ (NSFW)

The Real Estate Angle

I guess by now you are wondering what the heck this has to do with real estate.

Turns out…….lots.

If, after visiting 3 – 4 property managers to find a place to rent / let, then patiently waiting some days for an answer…..and finding out you missed out, yet again……perhaps those photos and that “colourful” language you used on what you thought was a private page just, may not have been such a good idea after all.

Landlords and Property Managers looking to find out a “little bit more” about any potential person who they are going to entrust with their 2 year old 3 bedroom $450,000 brick home…..well you too could do yourself a big favour by employing exactly the same methodology. All landlords would like to have a long term tenant who keeps the grounds tidy, looks after the inside of the home, treats the floor coverings like they would their own, etc.

From the look of some of the photos posted on sites like Facebook…..then it’s not surprising that upon seeing these, a potential future landlord may just have “second thoughts.”

Ringing in my ears is something I was told many years ago which still rings true to this day…..could almost be an interviewers mantra…..

watch what a person does not what they say

Sort of a counter intuitive (“reverse”) meaning of the following phrase “actions speak louder than words” really?

In the end….you don’t want to be disheartened with the whole rental thing…….its your retirement next egg after all…….and the last thing you want to be doing is running an advertisement like this;

….because it got too much and you just want to sell up, and investigate another type of investment.

Could definitely save some “heartache” in the long run.

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Nelson Real Estate Home Sales Report – November 2010

December 15th, 2010

The REINZ (Real Estate Institute of NZ) officially released New Zealand wide home sales data/figures covering the month of November 2010 yesterday, Tuesday 14th Dec 2010.

In difference to Oct, where they mentioned that nationally sales were the lowest for an October in a decade, November 2010 showed some light;

A late spring surge in the residential property market has lifted the level of sales back above 5,000 and the national median price up to $360,000.

Continuing on they said;

“The indications of a lot more listings noted at the beginning of last month have led to a late flush of spring activity,” says REINZ spokesman Bryan Thomson “With pent-up levels of people now in the market who need to buy or sell homes, we can expect the increased activity to continue through December and the summer without the usual slowdown over Christmas.”

Locally we’ve noted that if sales do indeed continue on at a pace over into the Xmas period and people are still actively buying / selling Nelson real estate at this time, that it augurs very well for a stronger start in January.



The Section Situation

Ten section sales were logged as confirmed in the Nelson City zone for November 10.  Better news is that at least 50% of them for the asking price.

Heres the official line from the Institute regarding Nelson City.


In Nelson City the median price eased from $345,000 in October to $340,000 in November but is up on the November 2009 median of $320,000. Sales volume increased from 59 in October to 91 in November, but still less than the 100 in November last year.


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BIG WIN – NZ’s favourite place to live

December 12th, 2010

At Parliament last Thursday night the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Awards were dished out.

And the envelope for the honour of NZ’s favourite place to live went to?

It went to Stoke, where I live, my hometown.

Punching above its weight, Stoke won, just like it did earlier, for a different award……. back in mid 2009.

Commenting on last weeks national win, recently elected Nelson Mayor Aldo Miccio, says he’s thrilled for Stoke residents;

“….Stoke is a fine place to live and this award celebrates this special community. I’m not at all surprised Stoke attracted a swag of votes because it offers so much.  It’s got a strong identity and this is in part a reflection of the people of Stoke and also the superb amenities.”

While also mentioning the win by Motueka as NZ’s Town of the Year……..

click to enlarge....

click to enlarge....

……Mayor Miccio continued on about Stoke…..

“Saxton Field sporting complex is fantastic, and the Stoke library is a little ripper. There are beautiful parks like Isel and Broadgreen to enjoy, and the Railway Reserve is a haven stretching the length of Stoke.  It has fabulous schools and a great wee shopping centre. And with the hills and sea two minutes in either direction, it’s quite simply a place of great heart, great opportunity and perfect for bringing up a family.”

Earlier I mentioned September 2009 as a time when Stoke was in the headlines again……..



……I’ll just reprint here the first few lines from that NZ Herald article back in mid 2009.

The Nelson suburb of Stoke survived the housing slump in the strongest shape…..

While most homeowners have watched their home values slide since the market peak at the end of 2007, Stoke, Pukekohe and Wellington Central defied the downturn, enjoying gains.

The Nelson Mail covered the story of Nelsons largest suburbs win on their front page. (article here)




A reason why Stoke – Richmond – Nelson was rated tops in NZ

Home Patch Update – Stoke, Nelson Suburb Info – Stoke, Nelson

Stoke related info on this blog

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