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Sauvignon Gris – now Sauvignon Blanc / Pinot Gris?

November 24th, 2010

Marketing experts at major NZ wineries are asking you a question?

What question? Have you heard of Sauvignon Gris?

Seemingly over a very short time transition……..has the nomenclature of this above “new to NZ” variety changed?

No it hasn’t – the bottle above is from the one grape variety, whereas the bottle below is a new blend winemakers are testing out on the public of New Zealand.

time will tell.....

time will tell.....

The bottle I brought the other day is above, and its official blended title is the mouthful of “Sauvignon Blanc / Pinot Gris.”

Kim Crawford also had a similarly named drop I tried earlier. And Selaks have one too.

I spoke before of where the name Sauvignon Gris came from…….now this new blend may just confuse the issue even more?

I was first introduced to Pinot Gris nearly 10 years ago  – at a small vineyard about 5 – 10 kms south of the Cookie Time factory near Christchurch.

Then some months ago I posted that I had just sampled my first glass of Sauvignon Gris, which is not at first what it seems. As I explained then, its was definitely not in fact a blend of the two formerly named varieties at all. Went very well with a Salmon salad.

With all the extra capacity currently in the vineyards, it probably makes sense to introduce new blends for Summer 2010 – 2011.

So don’t get confused when shopping for a bottle of wine for Xmas.


Montana Sauvignon Gris Tasting Notes Sheet

Montana Sauvignon Blanc / Pinot Gris Tasting Notes Sheet

Selaks Sauvignon Blanc / Pinot Gris details / Tasting Notes

Photo Essay: Puzzled about the cost?

November 23rd, 2010

Driving along this morning on our Agents Inspection day, I spot this sign…..

Whats this?

Whats this?

so I was wondering  “Hello Hello……whats going on ‘ere..?

Then I spot some chap high up in a tree…….

……in fact two of them very high up ….in a very big…….very old tree…..

.....youve been here a while I reckon....'ve been here a while I reckon....

Turns out this “old fella” needed just a bit more than a haircut.

The “official”  help in their “dayglo” vests….numbered at least as far as I could see…..a minimum of 7 staff from my short 2 minute stop-over “un-official” visibly count.

In addition to this you need to budget for the co-ordination of the “road closure”….and at least from what I could see, a minimum of those 2 arborists “up there high.”

So at the end of the day…( lets not forget the hire of that rather large crane either) its not hard to see why the simple act of removing ….what may at first have seemed a simple job of deleting a “couple of tall offending branches” ……..can quite quickly change into a very sophisticated and multi-departmental style organized operation……….one that can quite swiftly add up to a bill equal to at the very least……a weeks pay.

Sincerely, perhaps something to consider when buying your next “shaded & private” property.

There’s nothing wrong with buying a property if it meets all your criteria about greenery. trees, shade. privacy, etc” but just consider what may happen if one of your neighbours now…or in the future decides to object about your beautiful 75 year old, 30m tree that has “all of a sudden” encroached over their property….and “affected their standard of living”, their daylight angles, etc.”

In fact it might not be a neighbour who objects at all… could just as likely be some department or council……..just be aware that’s all.

Does Twitter hurt your eyes too?

November 17, 2010

Let’s face it……in our busy 2010 lives, there are only so many tabs you can keep on things, there are only so many items you can genuinely, with 100% concentration, track.

Twitter challenges this.

If you have hundreds of followers and if you don’t use a Tweet manager, relying on just your Twitter landing page, it’s doesn’t take long to become evident, that the constant stream of tweets can verge on “just too much.” (eg: witness @scobleizer – Robert Scobles recent deletion of over 105,000 Twitter followers!)

Sometimes it feels like you're on a train you can't stop.....

Sometimes it feels like you're on a train you can't stop.....

After all, one of the reasons you used to like reading a newspaper was that you only scanned quickly the pages, then delved deeper into just those bits that caught your eye, that looked interesting.

It’s Sunday morning, what are you doing?

“Just relaxing with a coffee and reading the Sunday paper“

Try doing that with Twitter and reading the constant 10 – 20 tweets that come in each minute, all the while attempting to read some of the more interesting links.

So there is something relaxing about sitting on the deck in the sun of a Sunday morning and reading the paper.

Yes – because the choice is yours – you scan and only read what you want, whereas with Twitter you really need to read, then click through each link to get to the “actual stuff”….meanwhile time marches on while you are reading – dozens more tweets are backing up!

Surely your eyes hurt when scanning dozens of tweets from hundreds of followers just to find the ones about “realestate?

Now …….imagine if you could combine the two?



Great News ……. now you can.

I have tweeted a couple of times already about the #Realestate Daily.

Now you can get Twitter info from who, what or where you want, and display it in the familiar newspaper style.

For example, click here for the latest “realestate daily, which should be updated and present differently than Tuesdays edition pictured above.

Even though still in Alpha mode - its worth checking out now and wondering just how good the finished product is going to be?

Even though still in Alpha mode - its worth checking out now and wondering just how good the finished product is going to be?

Head on over now and make up your own “newspaper.”

There’s been much talk about being a local specialist, what better way to display that than by aggregating all relevant & timely information on your topic all in the one spot, and allowing your viewers to be “readers”….just like the ole days.

What a great idea for an Real Estate agent / Realtor / Estate agent to have their own paper on a local level, be it on a topic, a suburb or a town, like #nelsonnz for example.

Here’s an example to throw out there?

For “Voices” bloggers, each time you tweet your new post, why not add the tag #nzre to the end of  your tweet.

That way another “newspaper” with that Twitter “tag could quite easily be complied, and shared by everyone who’s interested?

One thing to watch out for will be spam and NSFW related info – lets hope they are working on robust filtering systems.

Nelson Tasman Marlborough Lifestyle Properties Update Oct 2010

November 17th, 2010

Yesterday morning the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand ( REINZ ) released its monthly report for October 2010 on Farms and Lifestyle Properties, otherwise known combined as the “Rural Figures.”

Up til now I have only highlighted the Residential Sales side of things in my monthly Nelson Real Estate Sales reports.

However the impetus to comment on the Nelson / Tasman Lifestyle Property situation comes about because lately I have been receiving as many email queries regarding Lifestyle properties as I do on Residential ones.

And I guess there are a couple of main reasons why;

CLICK to read article Brightwater or Britwater?

1] by way of background reading, one of my first posts here, way back in October 2008 was under the heading Brightwater or Britwater? It spoke of the fact that Brightwater just 10-15 minutes from Stoke, was being called by some “Britwater” in recognition for the amount of new UK emigrants. In fact it topped the polls in NZ at that time for the most amount, as a percentage, of new UK immigrants to any NZ suburb/town as a % of the population in that area. Then the figure measured was 10% of Brightwaters population.

2] the price of Nelson / Tasman lifestyle properties is right at the top of the tree for NZ prices paid.

Lifestyle Property Median Prices - NZ October 2010 update - REINZ

Lifestyle Property Median Prices - NZ October 2010 update - REINZ

In terms of highest median pricing, Auckland still leads the way, but then its a bit of a derby between Nelson and the Bay of Plenty. Like I have said before Supply & Demand.

Which brings us to October 2010s update.

Here’s a breakdown of the top end of the chart.

CLICK TO ENLARGE ( source data - REINZ)

CLICK TO ENLARGE ( source data - REINZ)

As you can see above both the Bay of Plenty and Nelson/Tasman started out in one place and then two years later are just about in the same area.

For Nelson/Marlborough, REINZ report;

54 lifestyle blocks sold in October, down slightly on 56 sold in September 2010 (October 2009: 72). The median price fell to $491,000 (September 2010: $500,000; October 2009: $507,500).

New Zealand wide , the report says;

Sales of lifestyle properties increased slightly from 1039 for the three months to September 2010, to 1053 for the three months to October 2010. But at $425,000, the median selling price has continued to slip back from $427,500 at the end of September and $436,750 for the three months to the end of August and $445,000 for the three months to the end of October 2009.

NOTE: the data for Nelson is actually the combined data for Nelson (which includes Tasman) and Marlborough – they don’t break it down any further than that, but its safe to say that the figures are for the “TOP OF THE SOUTH”

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Nelson Real Estate Home Sales Report ~ October 2010

November 15th, 2010

REINZ (Real Estate Institute of NZ) officially released New Zealand wide home sales data/figures covering the month of October 2010 a few days ago.

Commenting on the very low volume of homes sold, the Institute report;

It is the first time residential property transactions have dipped below 4000 in October for more than a decade, or since the record low of 3,666 sales set in January 2010.

Although they begin their Press Release by saying “…..has been no traditional springtime rise in residential property sales so far this year” that is tempered a few paragraphs later by REINZ spokesman Peter Thompson in the following statement;

“The usual spring influx of listings has been late this year but activity is picking up now and the November figures should be better,”

Speaking from the Nelson “on the street perspective”, I’d have to say we are in exactly the same camp as he just described…..where activity has just started to build in the last 2 ~ 3 weeks.



Peter Thompson adds…… ”People planning to change houses appear to have held back on listing their current homes until they see what else is available and how the market is moving.”

Again I’d say hes pretty much on the money, mirroring local conditions…..with that statement too. The usual influx in numbers of cash buyers appears to be currently outnumbered by those who have a property to sell first.



No one bedroom sales made the figures, and just the one 5 bedroom property showed up, which was transacted quite swiftly actually.

The Section Situation

Interestingly enough in such a low volume month, 6 section sales were confirmed…..although with the following days to sell ……. 1105 / 55 / 1245 / 95 / 412 / 101, it wasn’t anything to sing from the treetops about.

The Nelson region covered by the above data encompasses the following Suburbs: Annesbrook, Atawhai, Bishopdale – Nelson City, Britannia Heights, Bryant Range, Enner Glynn, Hira, Kokorua, Maitai Valley, Maitlands, Marybank, Moana – Nelson, Monaco, Nayland, Nelson Airport, Nelson Central, Nelson East, Nelson South, Ngawhatu, Port Hills, Port Nelson, Saxton, Stoke, Tahunanui, The Brook, The Wood, Victory Square, Wakapuaka, Wakatu, Whangamoa

REINZ official October Statement re Nelson City 11/11/10 10am below;

Across the Nelson/Marlborough district the median price eased back to $320,000 from $330,000 in September and August and is the same as the October 2009 median. Residential property sales also fell back last month to 151 from 172 in September and are down on the 206 sales in October last year

In Nelson City the median price increased to $345,000 from $331,000 in September and is also up on the October 2009 median of $315,000. But sales volume fell from 71 in September to 59 last month, also less than the 93 in October last year

Moving forward, it may be that increasing debate will be cast over these monthly reported sales figures. Generally speaking, this info has been provided monthly by submission from Real Estate agencies around New Zealand, uploaded directly to the Real Estate Institute of NZ. This then allows the Institute to report these complied figures as monthly sales data.

Considering that its now no longer mandatory (not sure it ever was?) for NZ Real Estate agencies to continue to submit those monthly sales figures through to REINZ, folks may being to challenge the notion that these sales data figures still give an accurate measure of the volume of sales in a particular region. In the age of transparency its kind of unfortunate to see that it is foreseeable that this could happen.

SOURCE DATA – REINZ October 2010 Sales Figures

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