NZ Realestate gets new iPhone App

Nov 25th, 2010

In association with Westpac Bank (you may have already seen the TV commercials) NZ property portal,, has just released an Augmented Reality iPhone app for NZ Home Buyers.

Check out the video here

I’ve been speaking about the benefits of Augmented Realty for over a year now, so its great to see it here in NZ from the industry leading website.

Further app details here.

Or download it here.

Android users may have to wait a while, although phones like Samsungs new Galaxy do ship with the Layar Augmented Reality layer already built in.

(UPDATE 26th Nov: have just been informed that the App is an iPhone app not an Augmented Realty like I thought, sorry for any confusion)

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4 thoughts on “NZ Realestate gets new iPhone App

  1. avatarAriel Levin

    Out of all three agents who blogged about it you actually took the time to put together an interesting post – well done and thanks!
    Blogging is not about dumping news unto a web page – it’s about putting content together and you have done it.

  2. avatarAlistair Helm


    Many thanks for highlighting the app in this post. Just want to be clear, this app is not really an augmented reality app.

    Our app is a GPS based app that calls the satellite GPS coordinates from the phone to do an API call for listings within a geo radius of the phone. To deliver the augmented reality requires a much more complex layer of data than we or anyone has for NZ at this time which is effectively 3 dimensional.

    Also the Augmented reality apps have street view perspective to location which we could not do for this version of the app.

    All ideas and developments that we look forward to bringing to future versions of the app.

  3. avatarGlen Barnes


    As Alistair pointed out it isn’t an Augmented Reality app but more of a map based search app. I’m not convinced that AR has really found its place yet in mobile. There are some great demos but when you get down to actually using these AR apps they just seem awkward. In the long run there will be some great AR apps but I think we are 3-5 years away from really getting something that is comfortable to use in this context.

    What we have done though is really thought through what people actually want to use in an app. It is a great app because of what we left out of the app as well as what we put in. Partnered with great design and a real attention to detail on the programming side of things we have come up with something that I for one am incredibly proud of.


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