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Photo Essay: Puzzled about the cost?

November 23rd, 2010

Driving along this morning on our Agents Inspection day, I spot this sign…..

Whats this?

Whats this?

so I was wondering  “Hello Hello……whats going on ‘ere..?

Then I spot some chap high up in a tree…….

……in fact two of them very high up ….in a very big…….very old tree…..

.....youve been here a while I reckon....

.....you've been here a while I reckon....

Turns out this “old fella” needed just a bit more than a haircut.

The “official”  help in their “dayglo” vests….numbered at least as far as I could see…..a minimum of 7 staff from my short 2 minute stop-over “un-official” visibly count.

In addition to this you need to budget for the co-ordination of the “road closure”….and at least from what I could see, a minimum of those 2 arborists “up there high.”

So at the end of the day…( lets not forget the hire of that rather large crane either) its not hard to see why the simple act of removing ….what may at first have seemed a simple job of deleting a “couple of tall offending branches” ……..can quite quickly change into a very sophisticated and multi-departmental style organized operation……….one that can quite swiftly add up to a bill equal to at the very least……a weeks pay.

Sincerely, perhaps something to consider when buying your next “shaded & private” property.

There’s nothing wrong with buying a property if it meets all your criteria about greenery. trees, shade. privacy, etc” but just consider what may happen if one of your neighbours now…or in the future decides to object about your beautiful 75 year old, 30m tree that has “all of a sudden” encroached over their property….and “affected their standard of living”, their daylight angles, etc.”

In fact it might not be a neighbour who objects at all…..it could just as likely be some department or council……..just be aware that’s all.