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The brand new car has been won

November 11th, 2010

So many times when you hear of competitions you often don’t seem to find out who won.

Not this time.

Over the start of spring Summit Real Estate conducted a “Win a Car” promotion.

The great news for Nevis and Judith Halse is that they were the winners, and get to drive away in a brand new fuel efficient 2010 Toyota Yaris vehicle.

Summit Real Estate General Manager, Vaughan Borcovsky said;

“……response to the promotion has been outstanding with many of our clients calling their sales consultants early last week to see if they were the lucky winner.”

And in depicting whats happening on “the street” regarding the local Nelson real estate market, Mr Borcovsky again….

“we have also seen a lift in the market in the last two weeks”

……..basically mirroring exactly what I’ve seen “in the field” building since mid October.

For once spring didn’t start with that usual annual surge in September to co-incide with the colour of the properties gardens. No, September was stable, and then into October that continued, but by mid October we’ve seen the buyers starting to dust off their chequebooks.

Here’s Summits Top of the South team.