NZ’s Next Biggest Loser ….. could just be your home

November 8th, 2010

It might just be time for your home to go on a diet?

An energy one that is.

Having reported some months back about the success of an energy rating system in the UK, the US and Australia its great to see TV News reporting tonight the launch in NZ of “HomeStar.”

Same UK Energy Rating as discussed

Same UK Energy Rating as discussed

Meanwhile I still believe there’s also an ongoing programme of joint industry initiatives from the building/construction side of things to implement their “Greenstar” Green Home Energy system too. (although this new announcement could form the basis of an amalgamation)

Sources indicate the UK’s rating system which I spoke about here earlier (displayed above) is now mandatory on property advertisements.

If its going to potentially affect the future price of your property, from here on in you just might decide now is a good time to see, well for one example at least……. what NIWA’s solar calculator can show you.

Track down my all my previous posts on energy here.

Australian example

Australian example

Sample Australian Energy Audit report here.

Sure we will hear more about this in the coming days.

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