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Buying a Property from a Private Sale Owner

November 3rd, 2010

With changes to real estate regulations brought on by the introduction of the REAA and new ACT, many former Private Sale companies had to adapt or…..


In some cases they became licensed, and as such have been welcomed to showcase their listings on www.realestate.co.nz.

In the case of one of the companies currently advertising there, I spotted the above last line [in the screen snapshot above] of the property description details text.

Cast your mind back a few short years to September 2008 when the following announcement was made;

Real Estate Agents Bill passes into law

The government has delivered on its promise to protect New Zealanders who are buying or selling their property, with the passing of the much anticipated Real Estate Agents Bill by Parliament today. This Bill brings accountability, transparency, independence and openness to the real estate sector. …[more]

I’m mystified,  why would any property buyer in New Zealand not want to be covered by the new Real Estate Agents ACT 2008?

Or could it just be a typo by the listing agent?

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