NZ Remains Middle Earth with Hobbits to be Filmed here

October 28th, 2010

Although there has been heated debate over the last week or so regarding it,

JK tweet

its great news the New Zealand Prime Minister made last night, on the eve of his trip to Vietnam for the East Asian Summit.

We’ve had imposters trying to jostle the production away from NZ and steer it across the ditch,

…… which was a bit concerning seeing as how Warner Bros in fact do have a mighty large investment in that newspapers readership zone.

New Zealand will stay Middle Earth.

In even better news, mirroring what happened with the LOTR Trio, Middle Earth will also host one of the World Premieres.

Locally in Nelson we’ve had more than our fair share of “black helicopters” this year too. - where to fly over next - where to fly over next

Scouting over maps to work our what terrain would make for fantastic cinematography…..

with some, what looks like, very expensive camera equipment attached too.

The news comes as our Associate Tourism Minister proudly proclaims record earnings for New Zealands tourism sector.

In commenting on the just released  Tourism Satellite Account – 2010 report, Associate Tourism Minister Jonathan Coleman confirmed this morning, that;

Spending by international and domestic tourists increased to $22.4 billion for the year ended March 2010, and that the latest government figures show spending by international tourists in New Zealand increased by 1.6 percent, or $150 million, to $9.5 billion. Domestic expenditure rose to $12.9 billion, a 2.5 percent increase on the previous year.

Dr Coleman went on;

‘’Many countries have experienced a decline in international tourism over the past 18 months, but we have bucked the trend. With the Rugby World Cup next year, the sector will grow even further so things are really looking up.”

One can expect an upturn of movie related fans to top this up as well. all great for our economy. Plus the obvious good news for Real Estate.

Oh….and the relevance of all this to the Nelson Bays region ……..

Nelson Regions LOTR film site locations

Nelson Regions LOTR film site locations

So its definitely not past the scheme of things, considering we are surrounded here by National Parks like Kahurangi, that we may just feature, like last time, as a location in one of the 2 new Hobbit movies too.

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