New Real Estate Species Demographic named Down-Under?

October 25th, 2010

Today I start this post with a question ……….do you remember E7?

E7 is & deserves to be……. world famous.

He’s the busy little fellow who made the world record books with his incredible feat of endurance, losing half his body weight during the experience, being…the trip to NZ [Jenny Craig, eat your heart out.]

A feat that science seems to think such that no human could …..ever ever ever match, not even Lance Armstrong**. [see end of article]

Why do E7 and his friends come to the Nelson Bays region  in a direct non-stop flightline of over 10,000kms away……well?

E7 - youre the man!

E7 - you're the man!

Apparently, part of it is to visit the longest bar in the world…..but that’s definitely another story.

Don’t forget, above it all its obvious that hes a 100% family man….after all…….all this is in the name of food, friends and family!

Now the term “Godwit” has been coined or perhaps more appropriately “borrowed” when referring to its new incantation, a human.

New Species Identified in residence, Nelson, New Zealand

I am aware of more than just a few local home owners who live this type of existence.

However it still came as a surprise to this Tasman Bay man to be confronted by the name that local magazine “Mudcakes & Roses” has dediced they would dub them, “human godwits.”

Photo below depicts some local “Godwits” highlighted in their recent article from Issue 62, October 2010 [page 10]

Must admit - Tahunanui Beach below doesnt make a bad backdrop.....

Must admit - Tahunanui Beach behind, and some 100's of feet below doesn't make a bad backdrop.....

Frankly, an apt description if there ever was one.

Why “Godwits?”

The term has been coined to describe local home owners who typically have decided to reside in NZ’s sunshine capital, but then… once the cooler days approach, head north for the Northern Hemisphere summer……mirroring the distances traveled by my mate E7 and his buddies.

Stefan Swanepoel take note, could there be another demographic that perhaps drives property buyers to the Antipodes? A trend?

TDC Publishes this magazine free every 2 months

TDC Publishes this magazine free every 2 months

Mudcakes and Roses

Locally, be reassured that there is definitely a concerted effort to ensure that people of all ages enjoy the lifestyle that present living locals have become accustomed, very accustomed to in fact.

Why should Sixty Five years of age not be celebrated like its the new 45!

Unless something seriously happens I still want to be out there on the Jetski at 80kp/h…..basically because you can and then……..well we’re spoilt that we have the space in our safe Tasman Bay to do so….that’s why!

If you’d like to be kept up to date with current and past editions of this interesting publication (brought to you with thanks to these major sponsors, Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council, Age Concern, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board and Sport Tasman) called Mudcakes & Roses – then just head on over there now.

Be the 1st to admit it, was curious to see what I may look like to others when I am 20 years older than I am now –

then I guess you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is already a site for that too……and here above is what  I will appear like if I bump into you 20 years hence… 2030!

If you dare……… head over here to the site where you can upload your own photo, then…..while making sure no one else is in the room….view their predictions.

PS – as an end note it wouldn’t be fair of me not to mention the above request from the local editorial staff of Mudcakes & Roses as scanned above.

In fact it would be interesting to hear feedback re relevance to other provinces in this great land.


** – the claim is that the birds would have gobbled up energy at some eight times their resting basic metabolic rate (BMR) during their week-long exertion, he said. Professional cyclists can only manage about five times BMR for a few hours. “Lance Armstrong would be no competition for these birds,” he said.

BROADBAND USERS – this is exactly the chap I am talking about.

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