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NZ Dept of Building and Housing Determinations

October 22, 2010

Like to be kept informed, or more importantly up-to-date with recent decisions by the government department tasked with looking after home-owners.

All the talk these days is about more info to the consumer, and the home situation is turning out to be no different.

Leaky homes, shoddy work practices, dodgy builders, etc someone should keep an eye on these things, but just as importantly publicly advice the citizenry.

Great news, someone does…although by nature of being a “determination”, it is covering events in a retrospective way. So its after the horse has bolted, but better than no notifications at all.

Anyway, the Department of Building & Housing are here on the scene with their Building sub-site to assist with your research.

Next to what must surely be one of the most popular tabs on their website, “Weathertightness“, you will spot the “Building” one.

Wouldn’t you consider that this above type of determination result news is worth knowing?

Within the site because you can filter your search three ways………..

search by Building Code clause

search by Building Code clause

firstly by the actual Building Code clause itself, and secondly……..

by Subject, a more “english language” friendly version.

And thirdly, by the usual standard search box flavour.

If you yourself want to get regular updates about this stuff – click the above screenshot to be taken to the site where you will find its real easy to subscribe and that way, be amongst the first to know about new determinations.

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