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The Worlds First Billion Dollar Home

October 20th, 2010

Inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Indian billionaire Mukesk Ambani [5th richest chap in the world – predicted to be the world’s richest man by 2014] commissioned Australian company Leighton Holdings to build his dream. Chicago architecture firm Perkins & Will [ who also scribed the Mandarin Oriental] designed the structure to Nita & Mukesks brief.

And some dream it was!

PHOTO CREDIT - India News [www.indianews99.com]
PHOTO CREDIT – India News www.indianews99.com

Its situated on an acre [4,532 m2] site at swanky Altamount Road in Cumballa Hill, South Mumbai where  land prices alone top upwards of $10,000m2.

To the home, we have;

400,000 ft2

27 floors

560 ft [173m] high

3 floors of hanging gardens

6 floors of car parking [7th floor for in-house vehicle maintenance, at last count he had something like 170 cars]

600 full-time staff

50 seat theatre

multiple swimming pools

health spa,

ballroom with crystal chandeliers covering 80% of its ceiling space

an ice room

9 elevators

3 helicopter landing pads

retractable showcase for pieces of art, a mount of LCD monitors and embedded speakers, as well as stages for entertainment

indoor/outdoor bar, green rooms, powder rooms and  “entourage room” for security guards and assistants

more floor space than the palace of Louis XIV Versailles

PHOTO CREDIT - commons.wikimedia.org
PHOTO CREDIT – commons.wikimedia.org


Although Mr Ambani’s company,  India-based petrochemical giant Reliance Industries said it cost U$50-70 million,  various news sources report the final cost of construction to be more like $1 billion or maybe even more.

As you can see above she is now finished with the Ambani family in residence, although Leightons ended up passing on the reigns to another company to finish the build.

You could say its a home with a built-in maths lesson if you ask me.

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