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Help a friend or even yourself …… maybe save a life

October 18th 2010

Adds most times are a distraction from your intended destination, most times an unwanted one.

The AA signpost here on an add on realestate.co.nz got my attention though.

And well it did.

For your sake, your family or a friends sake this is something every Kiwi should consider worth doing.

I recall a few years back there was what turned out to be a scam, where folks with spray cans were going door to door soliciting a sum like $10 to have your street number painted on the curb to aid emergency services, and they had some sort of “semi-official” paperwork that looked like it was from a council or government dept to back their patter up.

In difference to that, this one matters.

Physically having a street number tangibly proclaiming your street number outside on the curb isn’t a bad idea, but in 2010 most destination searches commence with an electronic search…..and that’s where you come in.

Head on over to the NZ Address Register site and “confirm” your address.


I’ll let them explain in their own words……(especially the last paragraph bit)

Why check my address?

Terralink International is a provider of location data to the New Zealand Fire Service, Ambulance and New Zealand Police. When you call 111, the Emergency Services communication centres use information including the Terralink International data to search for and locate your address and physical location.

By confirming or updating your address information on this site, you will be helping Emergency Services to locate your physical address in the event of an emergency, which could help save your life or that of someone close to you.

Sometimes addresses are also known by local names (e.g. The Forgotten Highway), which are not always known by Emergency Services. By providing this information, Terralink International can link these local names to the official address, which will also help the Emergency Services to locate you.

That’s why.

They say that “home is where the heart is” – what better way to show it.

To get started, click here to head on over to the New Zealand Address Register now.


While on this subject I posted once some time back about the “ICE” campaign.

In case you aren’t familiar with this safety campaign supported by St Johns, I suggest you head on over to that post and swat up. I have had ICE in front of my next of kin details in my cell phone for over 3 years now, and I reckon its a great idea. After all how does an ambulance driver know your wife’s name from the other 11 ladies names [in fact as a Real Estate Agent with dozens of buyers listed in your phone that number could be 50!] in your mobile phone contacts? Speed is the essence in any emergency so anything that accelerates that must be worth considering.

Curious to know if any emergency services folk are reading this and can impart any pros/cons, maybe even from their own experience.

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