Yes its true……Second First Impressions do count

October 11th, 2010

You pull up to the kerb, and the buyers in your car offer “gee this looks like a nice place.”

You all get out and savior the home and yard presentation as you walk up the path to the front door.

The real estate person quickly summons up the door key and unlocks the door…….or tries to……after 3 unsuccessful attempts it finally works.

Inside you go, but as the agent shuts the door behind you, you hear a “didda-didda-didda” sound as the door rattles and shakes the frame.

The first impression was how all buyers want to feel when they see a prospective new residence.

The second first impression is generally of the front door as its unlocked and you are ushered in.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong here is that many home owners spend so much time on the big visible things, like windows, lawns, garden, spotless interiors, etc. In theory that’s great, but over the years I can say that this is the one area that seems to “lack attention” when it comes to readying the home for sale.

Considering that overall it is the second most important first impression in the buyers mind as they enter this potentially new home, then imagine this scenario……

1] you place the key in the lock, turn and it unlocks, you enter and the door closes behind you with a reassuring thud

2] you place the key in the lock, turn it, hmmm …..nothing happens as it only turns halfway, turn the key back, try again…..after a few tries it gets there, and in you go. However closing the door behind you results in a reverberating rattle resembling a small 3.2 earthquake.

Which one of these scenarios is more confidence inspiring I ask you.

Real Estate decisions can be highly influenced by emotional factors, let’s not tip the scales before the new buyer even gets 3 footsteps inside the home!

Have you ever been into a home where the opening and closing door process, along with the important “doors definitely shut” sounds makes it seem like you are entering Fort Knox?

Then have you also been to a home, where the door lock seemed loose**, or looked a bit shabby (not in aged way but in a shabby way….) and the door almost sounded “plastic” as it closed?

I think you can answer this one yourself.

While you are on this new expedition, “nows good” too for all internal doors – and don’t pay any less attention to wardrobe doors either.

Frankly if your front door lock is shabby or on the way out, you have two real easy options.

1] get some tools out and have a go – this is a pretty simple job for most – in fact you can probably google most anything to do with door lock repairs anyway…..but failing that

2] get down to your local hardware store and invest in another one.

** – in my mind when I visit a home in an unknown town, and this happens,  ones mind can’t but wander to consider how it got this way. I consider that if the owners are that uncareful about their front door what else is there, perhaps hidden from initial view,to discover –  or I may question whether this is such a nice neighbourhood to live in after all. [especially if there are any other signs around the door showing someone at some stage was trying to get in without a key]

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