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October 8th, 2010

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Landlords  ~ “…… make sure you know where your property is?”

Yup it’s that time again.

Have a slight case of déjà vu about this – seem to recall something similar 5 or 10 years back.

Mum rang the other night from Brisbane, because that’s where she, like many other retired Kiwis have moved to. She knows I am a Real Estate Marketer and decided it was timely to inform me of the latest property related scam hitting the airwaves over in OZ.

Let me paint you a picture here.

You head on off overseas leaving your rental property……

Then when you pop back into the country in 6 months time…..surprise!

Its not yours!

Without your knowledge, your rental property has been sold, and the proceeds……well they have taken a one way trip to Nigeria….in this case AUD$485,000 worth…but at least you arrived just in time to stop the second one going unconditional…….

Then again, you could hop on a plane and go over there to get your money back……………..and hope they don’t have “protection?”…..ala……

Security Guards with attitude - watchdogs from hell......

How could this happen in 2010?

If you are interested, please read the article here…..

I’m the first to admit I have not looked into the legal possibilities / ramifications of whether such a similar scam could operate here in New Zealand, but it does raise ones radar.

All might not be lost thought, however do you need the stress?


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Every member of the party had sores and scars on their faces, legs and hands – legacies of times when the animals suddenly turned hostile and pounced on their handlers with their teeth, fingers and claws.

…interesting you’ll be curious about this page too.

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