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Fix My Street

October 5th, 2010

The concept behind a super-council – the amalgamation of many neighbouring ones is surely for its benefits.

Along with many reasons, ones that would be high on that list would be to;

1] reduce duplication of services

2] speed of efficiency, staffing efficiencies

3] reduce costs

4] maxmise productivity

and as we have all been told a council that will be able to react swifter/more timely whilst being more productive to its ratepayers.

Inspired by the originator of this concept in the UK, Fix My Street looks like its coming to NZ.

The concept is admirable, spot something you think needs fixing, as it looks like a hazard, dangerous street lighting, or is just a plain eyesore, take a snap with your digital camera and upload it to the site where upon it would seem, the relevant council is notified.

In light of the increased transparency that the Auckland Super Council should bring, I think an idea like this is great.

Also be good to have a track record, because I don’t know about your area, but we have 1 or 2 road repairs that seem to be patched up each year in the same place, surely there must be room to do the job right, first time, and if not make someone accountable for any reworks.

A calendar log of work, such as one that this site would naturally compile, would certainly aid that.


until the end of October it would appear the NZ site is in testing mode,

……but do visit back then and help to make your street, and our communities roads safer.